Efo-tete is one of the plant that contains some anti-ulcer properties which helps in preventing the body from gastric ulcers, the presence of glycoglycerolipids in spinach helps in increasing the strength of the digestive tract lining, thereby preventing unwanted inflammation in the body. Add to cart. 2. In yoruba, the Spinach plant is called Efo tete, and the spinach leaf is loaded with tons of nutrients with even low-calorie and it contains a huge range of nutrients which gives numerous health benefits to the human body. Use a garden hoe to make 1"-deep furrows in the garden bed. For commercial purpose, the broadcasting method is the best. This green plant is used among various cultures and had come along way as a herbal plant. Harvesting can be done by cutting the plant’s stem with a knife or uprooting the plants completely from the bed. They are essentially cultivated for their leaves and … Botanically, it is called 'Solanum macrocarpon, Family Solanaceae". Dry the seeds and plant. How to Grow Radicchio. They are small and tender plants so I dont know if I should let them grow to be stronger and taller or am I suppose to move them now as baby plants. Organic fertilizers are incorporated in the beds at about two weeks before planting. Ikutamiti Urban Garden Center (IUGC) is an Urban Garden Center born out of the desire to meet the need of the urban community by providing an all-year-round fresh fruits and vegetables to immediate urban centers like University Community in Osogbo, fruits and vegetable markets in Osogbo and expanding to neighboring and States in Nigeria like Oyo, Lagos, Ondo, Ogun etc. Commonly grown indigenous vegetables are Amaranth, ‘Efo Tete’ in Yoruba (Amaranthus spp), Jute mallow, ‘Ewedu’ in Yoruba (Corchorus olitorius) and Celosia, ‘Efo Soko’ in Yoruba (Celosia orgentia). This green plant is used among various cultures and had come along way as a herbal plant. It energies the body. Ewedu is best planted on beds, like 1m by 5m. Allow the seeds to stay in the boiled water for about one hour; you would notice the seeds become bigger. Consuming the plant in large frequencies may potentially be poisonous.S. There are so many opportunities surrounding us more than we ever think exists. Eba and Efo Riro, Obe a je, pon 'nu la, hm, hm, hm! EGG PLANT LEAF quantity. Fertilization is also crucial to increase yield; this greatly depends on your system of cultivation. Your email address will not be published. This plant is regularly utilized among societies and had tagged along path as a Herbal plant. The English name: Green Vegetable. This goes by many names. Efo Tete (African Spinach): English Name: African Spinach, Callaloo Local Name: Efo Tete (Yoruba) Botanically: Amaranthus hybridus, Family Amaranthaceae This vegetable is a perennial herb. There is a strong campaign against its use. Eforiro is a favorite soup from the south west part of Nigeria and the vegetables commonly used are Shoko or Tete. The fruits are eaten occassionally but are mainly preserved for purposes of propagation. Kale soup is an adapted version of Nigeria’s vegetable soup, Efo-riro. Narcissus ‘Tête-à-tête’ is one of the most popular dwarf daffodil varieties available.Standing at only 15cm high, its small size makes it ideal for planting in patio containers or at the front of the border. Efo Shoko a.k.a Lagos Spinach! Reply. It is known in Yoruba as efo tete or arowo jeja (meaning "we have money left over for fish"). They just know it is consumable and it offers as they would prefer bud. Be the first to review “Efo tete (African Spinach)” Cancel reply. What you will receive: African spinach SEEDS. You can as well join our Facebook group, WhatsApp group, and Telegram group, for an instant update from us. Be the first to review “GREEN EFO TETE (AFRICAN SPINACH)” Cancel reply. JJ Murphy - May 10, 2010 8:18 pm . Shoko (Yoruba). Efo riro vegetable soup. Pest control is essential to enhance the quality and quantity of the crop produced. The vegetables that can be used to cook this soup are Efo Shoko or Efo Tete (Green Amaranth) or spinach. The stem and leaves are edible. Here is what you need to do with the ingredients to learn how to prepare vegetable soup Efo Riro: Chop the onions and peppers, either with a knife or with the help of a blender; They just know it is consumable and it offers as they would prefer bud. It is best to plant okra after daytime temps hit 85 degrees and nighttime temps reach the low 60s. After harvesting the ewedu, how long should one leave the soil before planting again, How much can a bed of ewedu be sold and how many beds will six plot contain, The cost of a bed of ewedu varies with the season and the size of the bed. For today’s dish I used the English spinach which is called Efo amunututu and added Uziza to bring that special minty flavor to this Seafood Eforiro.
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