There are a few different factors that may influence the overall cost of a travertine tile backsplash installation project. The price range takes into consideration a wide array of tile material. For lower-grade ceramic tiles, the costs shifts down to $300-$400, and for higher quality materials and tiles, you can expect to pay between $650-$1000. Mohamed of Pro Tiling Outdoor tiling Price is an approximate for a 10m2 outdoor area and usually depends on the materials to be used. The cost to install a tile backsplash in your kitchen will range from $23 to $35 per square foot depending on the materials you select. 2 hours: $80: $194: arrow_drop_down. ft. 7. If you have a tight budget, there are a number of ways to cut the cost of backsplash tiles. These usually come in strips of tile that are about 2 or 3 inches by 11 or 12 inches, and normally cost between $3 and $10 each. Glass Tile Backsplash Cost Guide. Because the small tiles are mounted on 12 x 12-in. Backsplash cost by type. However, there are some things worth knowing in the search for your dream home’s dream tile. Total Cost: $450 – $550 . Tile backsplash labor cost: $5 to $15 per square foot for standard installation, with an average of about $10 psf. Ceramic backsplash cost. Product costs, availability and item numbers may vary online or by market. When you get kitchen backsplash estimates from local contractors, the costs should fall in this spectrum: Kitchen backsplash material cost: $2 to $40 per square foot. Kitchen tiling Price is for labour only, and it does not include materials. It may include leveling. Cost of 6mm-thick, 3"x6" polished glass tile with matte finish in multiple color options. Labor costs for thorough installation under standard conditions. CHEAP KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEAS – It doesn’t take a big budget to install kitchen backsplash that is protective and stylish.Some tips can help you having cool kitchen backsplash from buying a small number of tiles to choosing backsplash wallpaper. Finally, we’ve arrived at the fourth point, which is the area that you’re placing your kitchen backsplash. The average cost per sq ft for a tile backsplash installation is about $31 with average prices ranging from $25 per sq ft to $36 per sq ft. Rate is inclusive of local delivery, as well as standard excess for perfect installation and occasional future repairs. Because glass tiles are available in so many different shades and shapes, a homeowner can achieve a unique look in the final result. Before you shop for the colors and styles you like, check out this guide to help you choose the right tile materials for your kitchen backsplash or flooring. Measurement: each tile measures 10" x 10" in width and height (approx. The average reported cost to install tile in the kitchen is $4,700-9,500 for a 1,000 sq.ft. However, to avoid spending a lot of money you can choose to tile a backsplash. Backsplash Material Costs . One of the main influences is the specific finish of travertine chosen. But, tiling a backsplash can be a good choice to take. Proper measurements will help keep tile installation costs down. The average amount spent on installing kitchen backsplash is around $900, with a low of $500 and a high or $1500. The applying process will only need a couple days to accomplish. The kitchen backsplash not only protects the wall but it also promotes the style of the room and gives beauty to the atmosphere of the kitchen. Welcome to our ultimate guide to subway tile kitchen backsplash design ideas including popular styles, patterns and types. The wide variety of available surfaces for kitchen backsplashes means a wide range in backsplash cost. Cost: Your local home improvement store will sell kits that cost between $125 to $200 to cover up to 20 sq. Similar to subway tile, but this covers just about every other tile option possible in kitchen backsplashes. 10 Sheet Peel And Stick Tile For Kitchen Backsplash 12x12 Inches White Subway Tile With Grey Grout Kitchen Tile Cost Per Square Foot Alexis4d Co Backsplash Tile Types Ashleighjade Co Picking A Kitchen Backsplash Hgtv Backsplash Installation Cost Related Post Backsplash Cost Cost Of Tile Backsplash In Kitchen Kannadafilmnews Info Impressive Design Tile Cost Subway Per Square Foot Of Tile … Installing 35 square feet of tile backsplash in your kitchen should cost between $665 and $840. If you need backsplash tile ideas for white kitchen, check out our post on white subway tiles here. Kitchen Wall . This will make the floor look dirty and the whole kitchen messy! New Kitchen Tile Backsplash Prices. Cost To Install Tile Backsplash. Given the very high labor cost, and the tile we chose (slate in a mini-brick style on 12x12 interlocking sheets which will be $15/sq ft but relatively easy to install) I decided to DIY the install (I have laid tile before on a couple other DIY projects). Adhesive mats cost roughly $2.00 per square foot in addition to the price of the selected tile. Before you begin, watch What's Inside My Wall? space. Ceramic Tile – Limitless design options to fit all kitchen styles. Prepare the Walls for Tile. Use classic white backsplash to complement a Tuscan-style. See our full tile backsplash costs guide for information broken down into materials, removal and installation of tile backsplash. Tile backsplash installation can cost between $10 and $40 per square foot, and the national average cost is $445.However, homeowners may pay more than $1,000 to install backsplash, while others may pay several hundred dollars. This is equivalent to $4.7 – 9.5 per square foot, labor and materials.. Sheet or Slab Backsplash. Kitchen tile backsplashes costs about $975 with average prices of installation ranging from $592 to $1,317 in the US for 2020, according to HomeAdvisor. The cost to install backsplash for your kitchen wall could be between $2,500 and $4,500. A tile backsplash is an option many people choose to install in kitchens or bathrooms as a way to protect the wall behind the sink and/or create an elegant design. One thing you should understand before installing a backsplash is that not all tiles will cost the same. Before I installed the backsplash tile for kitchen, I thought I might be selling the house, and I wasn’t sure how long subway tile would be trending. According to, the average cost of kitchen backsplash tile (one of the most popular material choices) for 16 square feet is anywhere between $400 and $600. Tiles that aren't finished or glazed will likely fall on the lower end of the cost spectrum, typically around $1,000 for materials and installation of a 50-square-foot backsplash. If you’re having an artistic design or mosaic installed, the labor cost can be as high as $20 per square foot. Installing new kitchen backsplash for full – scale can cost very high. Ceramic subway tile is a great choice for a contemporary look in the kitchen and is currently popular for remodeling projects. We are looking for approximate estimates to re-tile our Kitchen backsplash, including: - ~30 sq feet, one outlet/switch combo to tile around - removal of old tile, appears to be plaster/not drywall - wall repairs prior to tiling - ceramic tile installation (already purchased) Only looking for cost at this time. A tiling contractor charges $383 to install a ceramic tile backsplash and you can do it yourself for $185 and save 51 percent. Intricate or complex patterns require a lot of planning and labor, which can easily drive costs up. Even if determining it’s time to tackle a kitchen renovation is an easy decision, picking the details of that renovation can be less so—especially when it comes to picking just one backsplash tile idea. Photo courtesy of Flickr Image by Lizzie Benton. Average cost to install a ceramic tile backsplash is about $900 (30 square feet of handmade subway tile, installed). Nothing packs more style per square inch than mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash tile ideas. The average cost of installing a ceramic tile backsplash ranges from $19 to $24 per square foot. Total Cost: $550. Another convenient alternative to tile is the laminate sheet or slab backsplash. Keep in mind there are a few things that can alter the price. Tips. Prices are typically higher in large cities and the surrounding metro areas. Ceramic tile costs $10-15 per square foot. There will be a lot of advantages that people can get from applying the kitchen backsplash. So if your kitchen’s got the blahs, give it a quick infusion of pizzazz with kitchen backsplash tile. There are lots of choices when it comes to materials for your kitchen or bath backsplash installation at different prices. Tiles are usually priced per square foot. Tile backsplash installation prices range from $460 to $1,400 with most homeowners spending between $600 and $1,200. 4| Keep In Mind The Area. See kitchen backsplash pictures for backsplash tile ideas for any home. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, adding tile is one of the most practical … Total Cost: $3,500 – $4,500. The square footage determines how much tile is necessary for tiling a backsplash in a kitchen. Find here detailed information about ceramic tile backsplash costs. They can be made from sturdy but attractive materials such as tile, waterproofed wood, or metal. A tile backsplash in the kitchen may be applied over clean, level drywall since sinks aren't considered wet areas, like showers, that require backer board. Basic Labor for Kitchen Backsplash Installation. If you only have one section to cover, multiply the width and height of the wall to get the square footage. Classic white ceramic subway tile provides a clean, timeless aesthetic. Unusual designs can include wallpaper, cast epoxy, or recycled wood. Adjust the home improvement and repair cost with your ZIP Code. A glass tile backsplash is an attractive and unique way to protect the wall behind a countertop. Determining the best tile for a kitchen backsplash is a matter of preference and willingness to experiment. covers 4.17 sq. This type of a backsplash may be used in the kitchen or the bathroom. Measure your wall to determine the amount of tile you need. Since I needed a backsplash quickly, I created mine in one weekend with a knock-down wall texture and a stencil. Trimmed tiles are a band of tile that borders your backsplash with a distinct look. Sheet backsplash is the generic term given any large sheet of protective material used in the kitchen or bathroom as backsplash. Herringbone tile is also great to accentuate focal points, like your cooking area. How to Install Backsplash Project overview: Planning, materials and tools. If I recall from what Bill V told me, decent install costs start at $15/sq ft and go up from there. The kitchen shown above features gray ceramic subway tile backsplash. Although its primary function is protection, a backsplash can quickly become the focal point for those who walk into the room. Tile offers virtually limitless design possibilities.
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