No carpet is fully stain-proof and manufacturer warranties typically exclude carpet stains caused from: Non-food and non-beverage substances. We’re ready to help with your service questions. • Visit where you can register your warranty and Shaw Floors Carpet Cleaner is available as a spot cleaner for wall to wall carpet and for area rugs. Some manufacturers have precise warranty maintenance requirements. All commercial carpet — at least from reputable mills — includes a warranty of some type. For full warranty conditions, ask store management for a copy of the FBL Mohawk Carpet Warranty Brochure or refer to copy online at MHWSCAPrIL2013 Warranties are Prorated • Includes Labour • Non-Transferable • Note: 30-Day Satisfaction Assurance Guarantee does not apply to this range Almost all responded by email and quoted existing verbiage from their carpet warranties. Shaw does not advocate this system. Because awesome happens on Shaw Floors, but so does life. The stain removal procedures How to Generate Online Leads During These Unprecedented Times, July 2016 Foreword: Know your industry | Cleanfax, The Commercial Carpet Analysis Form | Cleanfax magazine, Hard Surface Inspector Certification Online Class, IICRC Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician/Odor Control Technician Combo, Carpet Inspector Certification Online Class, Stone and Tile Troubleshooting and Inspection, Benefect Launches Website, Joins Environmental Restoration Group. If you have your own story of dealing with a mill concerning a cleaning method it did not approve of, feel free to email me at Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The If the carpet is installed on stairs, this warranty will be limited to five years. This meant the cleaner was not liable for damages. Carpet has come a long way, thanks to Shaw innovation. Minimum density required is 6 pounds per cubic foot; thickness should be a minimum of 3/8 inch and a maximum of 1/2 inch. The minimum requirement for carpet cleaning is every 12-18 months. This warranty, limited to the UK, Eire and Channel Islands, gives you specific legal rights and does not affect your statutory rights. The following is a paraphrase of what I sent: Just about every carpet mill, yours included, does not recommend the bonnet system. Some of the blame is directed at cleaning methods. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I have my own story of how a mill — rightfully — made my company reclean a carpet because an employee used a rotary machine. In this case, the mill did not pursue the matter and indicated it would remedy the situation. […] Cash Flow article about carpet warranties and rotary cleaning systems. As carpet cleaners, we cannot ignore their concerns. Will you require/recommend employees get a COVID-19 vaccine when it is widely available? To a point, they all agreed in spirit and word with Shaw’s statement that “experience has been that more customer soiling complaints result from this [bonnet cleaning] system than all other causes combined.”. So, if a customer damages their carpet for using such a system, we will not cover that damage under warranty, but if they have some other issue unrelated to the damage covered by the warranty, the warranty would still be valid.”. Your luck could easily change. If you missed it, just go to and type in “warranties” in the search box, or send me an email at, and […], […] practically everyone wants more contract carpet cleaning accounts, therein lies the challenge. Our recommended cleaning procedure is the use of a mild liquid dishwashing detergent with sufficient quantities of water to flush the stain out of the carpet. They are considered improper and non-approved and shall not be utilized on any Tandus product. If cleaning carpet is what you need to do, then Rotovac has the right equipment for you. Fred Geyen is president of the Geyen Group ( Read our Tigressá carpet care, maintenance and warranty guide to protect your floors from wear and tear. Here is the concern. “Bonnet” system: It is at best a temporary appearance enhancement because it only absorbs at the surface and does no real extraction of deep soil. That means I stand behind my work and will fix problems if they The wording is not as direct, but it does say in its warranty that using cleaning products and systems or approved cleaning contractors that aren’t recommended by the mill may void the warranty. In addition to the standard Two Year Manufacturing and Pile Reversal Warranty, some of our carpets carry a 10 Year Stain and a 10 Year Wear Warranty. Every carpet mill approached provided feedback on the issue of carpet cleaning methods and warranty issues. View Details. Milliken warrants that the carpet will lose no more than ten percent (10%) of its face fiber by weight during the Lifetime of the carpet. Give your Mohawk carpet the ultimate upgrade: add SmartCushion and extend Use the Cleaning Log on page 37 to keep track of your carpet care and cleaning maintenance. • Cleaning receipts Retaining these documents ensures that, in the unlikely event of a claim, you’ll have all the necessary paperwork handy. The companies who provide the Topically Applied Stain Treatment may also be involved in a warranty claim if there is a problem related to staining. And whether you're looking to gather information, select a new style or care for the floors in your home, we look forward to helping you along the way. They want their customers happy and their carpet to perform and look better over a longer period of time. If you are not having problems, stop relying on luck. It all comes down to the much-hated “cold-call” sales […], Your email address will not be published. Is there any enforcement of the warranty in regards to using such equipment or methods of cleaning? All mills had one principal objective for their carpet maintenance guides and bonnet/rotary statements. Warranty provisions should influence carpet cleaning method decisions. ISSA Show North America Virtual Experience Available on Demand, Allied Restoration Hosts Holiday Give Back Week, ServiceMaster Restoration Services Announces Technician Appreciation Month, COVID-19 Updates: Economists Warn of Tough Months Ahead, BSCAI Announces 2020 CLEAN Award Recipients, PuroClean Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary of Company Acquisition. Our carpet is engineered so that the stain molecules do not adhere to the fiber. The mills are inspecting under-performing carpet every day. Responding to COVID: We remain committed to our customers & associates. As a precaution for you, the professional cleaner, it is important to investigate commercial carpet warranties before deciding on a specific cleaning method. We offer a full money back warranty if your not pleased with our work performance and result within 24 hours of cleaning it only. Every carpet cleaning company should be fully accountable for its work. What could happen? All our carpets made from polypropylene yarns carry the 10 Year Stain Warranty. Carpet warranties are being followed by just a few carpet cleaners, but the vast majority of carpet cleaners and janitorial companies (this is commercial) use rotary style machines with bonnets and pads. After the initial carpet cleaning, you will receive a certificate entitling you to unlimited use of $4 per room … Obtaining a KIWI carpet cleaning warranty is easy: Call and schedule a full carpet cleaning service, which is comparable or less in price than what other carpet cleaning companies charge without a warranty. He walked me through specific scenarios involving warranty issues where the carpet cleaner was caught in the middle. He has a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED-AP) designation and is on the board of directors with the LMCCA. Just think of the STAINMASTER ® Lifetime Limited Warranty as peace of mind on top of the peace of mind you already get from our carpet. Warranty/Care Care Information No other home furnishing product will enhance your home’s overall appearance more than new carpet. But before cleaning, research the warranty, use the cleaning methods recommended, inform the client of what you are doing, document everything, and if a warranty issue comes up, you are better protected from liability. If the carpet is installed on stairs, this warranty will be limited to five years. The spinning bonnet may distort the pile of cut carpet and leave distinct swirl marks. Commercial carpet cleaners must be aware of the details of these carpet warranties and understand how warranty claims are handled. tea rooms) Find warranty info for all Mohawk products, from carpet and cushion to hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tile. His background includes commercial product sales and program development for residential, commercial and disaster restoration with ServiceMaster. Why Do Carpet and Flooring Installations Fail? Shaw’s experience has been that more customers’ soiling complaints result from this system than all other causes combined. Your email address will not be published. Beaulieu Commercial does not recommend the use of any type of “bonnet” or rotary shampoo cleaning method for the BOLYU, Cambridge or Aqua carpet brands. Some go as far to say the warranty will be voided if a rotary style system is used. He came back after the first year and did a great job of cleaning the carpet ensuring we were covered by the warranty for a further year." And if you are not pleased with the job in every way, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. You're now signed up to receive updates from Shaw. Contact the following fiber manufacturers for further information on care and cleaning and limited stain warranties for your specific carpet as specified by the warranty page. However, uncovering the details on warranty coverage issues is not a … Obviously, the first step a mill will take when asked about cleaning methods is to direct carpet cleaners to specifications in their specific carpet warranties. A few picked up the telephone to answer these questions. To be able to file a claim on your carpets warranty you need to follow a fairly strict regimen of professional cleanings. They can, however, deny a specific claim on the warranty because of neglect, poor maintenance or a bonnet or rotary machine being used. (In my experience, the blame for dirty carpet usually goes to 1) pets, 2) husbands 🙂 and 3) kids/grand-kids. Keep the carpet looking good, and you should not have any problems. Cleaning your carpet is easier than you think. It has limited capability for soil removal and often leaves most of the detergent in the pile. What Is Not Covered In addition to the warranty exclusions listed in the “Carpet Warranty and Carpet Characteristic Exclusions The first part of understanding this warranty is knowing the difference between staining and soiling. All images are credited to Getty Images or its affiliates unless otherwise noted. Frequently, certain cleaning methods — such as those that use absorbent pads or rotary machines — have been put in the firing line due to considerations of carpet warranties. If the mill hears the word “bonnet” or “rotary,” the cleaner is then on the hook because, as you can see from some of the warranty verbiage mentioned previously, the mills almost universally warn against using this type of cleaning method or the tools associated with it. This information is frequently found on the websites of carpet mills, but it can also be obtained by contacting the manufacturer. The carpet must be cleaned at least once every two years by a professional cleaning company, as itemised by you in the maintenance record, to be validated by retained receipts or invoices. Use of the “bonnet” method may void all warranties. warranty claims in the first ten years, Purchasers should make claims to 3M, as described later. What’s the bottom line? Or if they know the manufacture of the carpet that they want then they can visit the website for that manufacture and it should have the warranty … Hours for this toll-free line are 8AM to 5PM EST, Monday through Friday. Here is some information (both direct quotes and paraphrases made by the author) obtained from a selection of major carpet mills’ warranties in regards to their recommendations and precautions. See each warranty that is applicable to your cleaning experience. Check out our carpet 101 to answer your questions about carpet style, care and maintenance. Cleaning carpet is easy with the professional Rotovac carpet cleaning machine at the guaranteed lowest price in the country. However, this is not to be expected in every case. Required fields are marked *. Specific warranty wording works against the cleaning company. A professional steam cleaning/hot water extraction at least once every 18 months from the Warranty provisions should influence carpet cleaning method decisions. All rotary devices, including but not limited to, bonnet machines and Cimex triple head machines, will void the manufacturer’s warranty. The result is a direct cost to the mills, which means they are motivated to take a stand in regards to maintenance procedures. Stay up-to-date on the latest design trends, new products and special deals on the best flooring around. Vinegar: 1 part white vinegar to 1 part water Please reference your specific warranty for covered stains. In one example, he was sent by a mill to inspect a large carpet installation. © Copyright 2003-2020 Shaw Industries Group, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company. After that, the most important way to maintain your carpet is periodic professional carpet cleaning, at least every 2 years and more often if there are pets, children or high traffic. However, the customer had agreed to the rotary style cleaning. To research this issue, I began by sending an email inquiry to appropriate personnel at major mills. Agitation of the floor covering (after application of cleaning product) is accomplished using a machine that powers dual cylindrical brushes that will lift the carpet as brushes turn. However, uncovering the details on warranty coverage issues is not a simple process. Mohawk Group does not recommend the use of a spin bonnet as it can damage the fibers in your carpet. A carpet mill will want to see that you’ve cleaned … Staining occurs as a result of something that has come into contact with your carpet and transferred its color. S trongly colored natural dyes as in mustard, teas and other hot beverages. Joy Carpets warrants that the carpet will lose no more than ten percent (10%) of its face fiber by weight during the lifetime of the carpet. Ensure all carpet padding meets Phenix’s Minimum Warranty Requirements for Cushion: Cushion must meet FHA/HUD requirements and must follow the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Installation Standard. Geyen can be contacted at (612) 799-5111. The bonnet system may damage the edges of some carpet tiles. Frequently, certain cleaning methods — such as those that use absorbent pads or rotary machines — have been put in the firing line due to considerations of carpet warranties. All is takes is the right vacuum, cleaning products, and a little know-how.Here are a few tips on removing common stains the right way: Always treat the affected area immediately. Every carpet and every piece of upholstery I clean is covered by my Standard Six-month warranty. GODFREY HIRST Commercial CARPET CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL For commercial carpets and carpet tiles GH-SAL-D-130 Issued: 13/05/2015 Version: 1 • Vending machines • High spillage areas (e.g. The carpet had been incorrectly cleaned, according to the warranty, with the bonnet system. However, our warranties do not cover damage for a customer’s failure to follow our maintenance/ care instructions. This might not sound like a big deal until you are looking at 250,000 square feet of carpet cleaning and receiving absolutely no money for doing it. Shaw, in a statement that helps clarify this, said: “Shaw does not void warranties for this [i.e., nonrecommended carpet cleaning methods]. He is actually closer to hitting the nail on the head than he knows. Rotary Prohibition Statement: To all valued Tandus customers, professional cleaners and all concerned: Please be advised that Tandus does emphatically prohibit the use of all rotary devices or machines for the purpose of carpet cleaning, physical agitation and/or speed drying. There were appearance issues. In addition, we also sell Shaw Floors Hard Surface Cleaner which include hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, and our resilient Hi, I’m Ross, the owner of CitruScrub Carpet Cleaning. Even worse, you could be blamed for permanent damage and deemed responsible for replacing the carpet. warranties or special assistance for carpet care and cleaning, call 1-800-438-7668. In the meantime, stay organized by creating a My Shaw account, where you can compare your flooring options, save your favorites and keep track of your orders all in one place. Yeadon said this is a “legal firewall” the mills set up to defend themselves. Have any mills denied claims on carpet warranties because a bonnet or rotary machine was used? Don't worry; we won't fill your inbox (and we'll never send you spam). STAINMASTER carpet offers expert answers to common carpet and flooring questions, including padding, installation and warranty. If they don’t see the carpet online then they can always visit their local Home Depot store and one of the flooring specialists can help them find out the warranty.
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