For the most part, Chrysanthemum plants are hardy enough to deal with tough weather. The plant’s soil should be moist and not dry. The potted mums you buy in the fall dry out quickly since they are usually top heavy with bloom and have a relatively small amount of roots. Provide more mulch, such as leaves or straw, after the first freeze. Growing Mums from Cuttings. Purchasing locally-raised mums from a farm or nursery ensures that the varieties grown are well suited to your growing region. There's no way a potted mum will do well the following year if it is left in the small nursery container it was sold in. A Few More Tips For Keeping Potted Mums Looking Great. If the fertilizer application rate is not reduced, fertilizer salts can quickly build up in the growing medium. Growing or placing potted mums (Dendranthema x grandiflora) outdoors adds a seasonal flower display to your landscape, and planting the mums in the garden after they flower allows some plants to continue growing.Potted mums are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10a. It takes even days and nights to trigger flower bud formation, and in southern latitudes such as yours, plants will do so. The E.C. Taking a sharp shovel or cutting knife like a Hori-Hori, slice down to split the plant. Place the plant in a sunny spot and ensure you water it two to three times a week. Aim for a 2-inch-thick layer, unless you have sandy soil or a garden where summers really sizzle. Often ants get into neglected plants, so take care of your plants to avoid infestations and ensure you remove any unwanted plants swiftly, rather than letting them die off in a pot. Most potted ferns can be quartered or cut into 3 equal pieces to create nice-sized transplants. I used a planting mixture of 3/4 potting soil with 1/4 succulent and cactus mix.A few handfuls of compost were tossed in along the way as well as a 1″ layer of worm compost towards the top. If any additional foliage has been killed by the cold, do not trim it away until spring. Rehydrate the dry soil by placing the mum pot in a bucket containing a few inches of water and leave it to soak for a few hours. Make sure that the pot has plenty of drainage holes. Aloe Vera plants are fast-growing succulents that can grow to a height of 3-feet. Mums grow best in full sun. In closing, just a few more tips for keeping your mums looking great. Sure! The more frequently you cut an Aloe plant, the higher the risk of killing it. While not a typical houseplant, mums can add a seasonal splash of color to your décor, but there are a few considerations you need to make. You can use a sharp spade or knife to separate the mum. 5 of 22. Your Campanula should come potted already. Plants that are attached to the main stem but can easily be remove and still have a complete root foliage system aka “babies”. Many varieties of mums are available and come in most every color in the rainbow. However you can also buy it as a smaller houseplant where it has been treated with hormones and lighting tricks to restrict the growth and cause out of season flowering. Discard the center of the mum and replant the outer portions of the mum. You can trim the stems to about three to four inches above the ground. To keep them potted indoors or in good shape to be used as a potted Aloe on a patio, they do need pruning, but never regular. They can be grown inside; however, the answer to that question is actually a bit complicated. If you’re using a mum as a perennial, plant in early spring, or in the fall at least six weeks before the first killing frost. As soon as you see new green growth from your mum plant emerging from the ground, take a sharp pair of gardening shears and clip all of the dead sections of plant as close to the ground as you can.
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