Argumentative Essay On Border Patrol. Many killings have been reported by the Border Patrol team in these borders, most of which are motorists without offence. Thank you for your continued interest in a career serving CBP.What do I qualify for? COVID-19 Notification: CBP is still hiring! Border Patrol Data Contradicts Napolitano’s Testimony That U.S. Has ‘Effective Control of the Great Majority’ of Both Northern and Security, the state, and the citizen: The changing architecture of crime control. Effectiveness. National Border Patrol Council – A union that exclusively represents the 18,000 agents and support personnel assigned to protect the border. (2012). There are those who claim the exact opposite by arguing that the Border Patrol is an agency of government trained personnel who do their work effectively; they are provided with the a good training and tools necessary for their work. The United States Border Patrol (USBP) is a uniformed and armed police association. In 2012 when an agent killed a teenager that was allegedly assaulting agents with rocks, the Border Patrol agents’ union argued that a thrown rock was the equivalent of deadly force and justified a lethal response. Learn by the best examples to start writing easier, faster, better! Qualifications AidWhat needs to be on my resume? If you answered yes (sí) to all of these questions, maybe you should consider a career as a Border Patrol Agent. While to government it is realistic to build a wall, to many people it doesn’t make sense. Category: Border Patrol Essay 1156 Words | 5 Pages. The book ‘Border Patrol nation’ by Tod Miller is a classic example of the Border patrol agency day to day activities and work culture. Date: politics/2012/01/17/us-border-patrol-to-toughen-policies-on-illegal-immigrants/. Some might argue on view that fences are working properly to manage illegal migrants and drug dealers, but these claims are not the case. This casts a large shadow of doubt on their performance and their rights as far as justice is concern. Immigrants A career as a border patrol agent is not easy but offers GREAT rewards. For those with skill and ambition, the opportunities for advancement in the Border Patrol are excellent. (2012). “Britain of criminal justice rhetoric and policy as a means of securing the border and the implications of this reliance on criminal justice discourses in the development of immigration and asylum policies” (David , 1996) US Border Patrol to Toughen Policies on Illegal 10 April 2014 London, Christina “Unruly Crowd Attacks Border Patrol Agents” NBC 7 San Diego 26 Nov. 2013 Web. (n.d.). Preventing the illegal smuggling of drugs and weapons requires vigilance and dedication. Pros of Being a Border Patrol Agent. Most of the cases on the border have not been handled with accuracy hence damaging the justice immigrants. Retrieved from The country should have a vigilant control of immigrants on the border, to avoid illegal immigrants who cause harm on the citizens and at the same time establishing legal migrants to avoid jurisdictions. The southern border separating the United States from Mexico is nothing more than a river to people that live and work in the area; imaginary lines that decide the fate of so many people. Working for the Border Patrol can be very rewarding. Most of immigrants have been mistaken in many cases regarding their rights while crossing this borders, the agency handling immigrants are found either discriminating some races or selected countries on the basis of terrorism and criminal practices. For the past years, the US/Mexican border has been under close security because there have been many attempts of holding back drug dealers and immigrants from Mexico but it … $Ýèû±{Ç%àK#µ1æ~. CBP currently employs some 45,000 men and women in U.S. customs and border patrol jobs, including a national team of Border Patrol Agents more than 20,000 strong. A border patrol agent's salary depends on their grade level and step, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. After the border came into existence, for many years life was as it had always been a constant ebb and flow of migratory workers. Border Patrol Agents serve as the boots on the ground in America’s fight to defend her borders, and represent the single largest Federal law enforcement task force in existence. Border Patrol focus has been detection, apprehension and/or deterrence of terrorists and terrorist weapons (Working the Border Patrol, 2011). The emphasis on drug interdiction has increased the number of positions available as K-9 handlers. According to Mora, the acting Director for Homeland Security and Justice Issues at the Government Accountability Office, Rebecca Gambler, stated that the Border Patrol “does not contain performance measures to assess its effectiveness” (Mora, Edwin, May 8, 2012).this implied that even though they can report how much of the border is “under control” the agency will not report how effective it is at their work. Citizenship has become a buzz word of political discourse and policy formation (Zedner, 2010). Several Border Patrol agents have been injured and even killed in the line of duty. Since the early 90’s, border enforcement along the border has increased dramatically in terms of manpower, and budget. Over last three years, Border Patrol has refused to publish the names of the officers responsible or involved for disciplinary measures. The Border Patrol reported over 1,000 assaults against its officers in 2009, including the ambush and murder of one agent. I think that this career of being a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agent or Field officer will be very beneficial for me, in opening more and more opportunities along the way.   Border patrol agents have multiple levels. (2011). The paper "Border Patrol in the USA" is a delightful example of a thesis proposal on the law. Large fences were built near major cities and many laws were established to reinforce racial tendencies of law enforcers. It is evident that the Border Patrol Agents are very active and doing many responsibilities which simply means that they play an important role in keeping the society safe and orderly. The politicization of immigration and partisan politics is doing more harm than good to border patrol I. Mora, Edwin. GAO: New Border Patrol Strategy Lacks Measures to Gauge future authors, a career in border patrol would have to have the responsibilities of monitoring and protecting 8,000 miles of international border to make sure illegal immigrants,drugs and goods do not come in the country. The duties and responsibilities of the Border Patrol is one of the most important jobs and it is to detect and prevent the entry of illegal immigrants, terrorists, and smugglers into the United States. Today, the United States Border Patrol consists of 21 sectors. This should not be the case because US has numerous projects that are attached to many countries and they have to consider that international integration occurs in any area.
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