They look warm, homey, and a place where people will naturally want to gather, while having the added benefit of fitting in perfectly with their slope-side location. The use of the wood cladding helps anchor it to the dock visually, helping the planes open more visually to create the effect that’s being achieved here. For reassurance for softwoods and hardwoods look for certification labels like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). This natural wood cladding on this cabin helps to create the perfect contrast to the snowy surroundings. Circular buildings don’t tend to be tall due, putting most of their emphasis on the shape of the building. If using horizontal boarding, consider how the boards will be fixed and jointed to provide good detailing for the building. Glenalmond can offer the following Consider natural wood cladding for your building to discover the possibilities. Building Materials (9) Building Materials Clearance (1) Cladding (9) Exterior Timber Cladding (9) Interior Timber Cladding (3) Clearance (1) Colour. Think about the final surface finish you want to achieve when choosing a preservative treatment. EXPERTS IN CLADDING INNOVATION The choice of timber species available is as varied as the profiles. •  Tropical hardwoods, depending on the species, are available in maximum lengths of between 2.1 and 4.2 metres. It’s common on interiors to use the same material on the walls and ceilings when you want to draw the eye upward and keep the momentum of the design going. Many homes and buildings that use a hardwood cladding on the exterior tend to lap the boards, either in a Dutch lap or a shiplap to get a tight fit. Tropical hardwoods are generally stronger, more robust and durable than softwoods for Exterior Wood cladding. Stainless steel screws should be used for timbers installed ‘green’ and/or unfinished: •  Slight over-sizing of the screw holes will allow for any movement in the wood and prevent splits. These student buildings finished in hardwood cladding have the opposite effect. The result is a building that vibrates visually, bringing additional depth to the design. Used as an accent and installed in varying directions, the wood helps warm up the exterior design. (OSMO) wood stains provide the highest protection against the sun compared to oils. 294 1432 02 All FSC and PEFC Certified Products will have the following Chain of custody Certification Number : FSC Certification No. When the outdoors is the most important part of your design, your home needs to fade naturally into the background. SetriWood Thermowood®, Plato® wood) and wood modifying processes (e.g. The board profile and spacing can provide a variety of design effects, as well as protection for the building. All Rights Reserved. This retreat does just that by using pieces of pine wood cladding cut into diamonds for an artistic display on this outbuilding. Often encased in the winter snow, this mountain house needs a way to keep the cold away from its design. The effect is one of comfort and emerging warmth, rather than freezing cold. •  Make sure that butt joints always meet on sufficient batten support width. The mixture of organic, natural wood cladding with the sleek glass makes you feel as though you’ve never left the outdoors, even when you venture inside. It is the builder’s responsibility to check compliance with Building Regulations and standards. Premium Timber Cladding SertiWOOD Viking Oyster White Secret Fix (126 pack) 36.12m2. £1,075. Rustic modern exteriors are growing in popularity across the country. This restaurant makes great use of the natural wood planks to create a roof that appears to be bending and moving around the building, drawing you in. Rustic modern exteriors are growing in popularity across the country. These openings need to be in multiples of the board widths to avoid the need to notch or cut the boards and to provide a good appearance as well as allowing for fixings. Home » Exterior Timber, Decking and Cladding. Contemporary homes that use a lot of glass and windows in their design tend to look fragile if paired with the wrong exterior material. TT-COC-003944.229 | PEFC Certification No. True shiplap wood cladding has a romantic history that calls to mind craftsmanship and time honored traditions. Home Exterior Exterior. Take this into consideration at the time of selection. Thanks to certain programs on HGTV, everyone seems to be talking about shiplap wood cladding these days. Tools & Fixings. It is used for both internal or external applications, although you must consider the durability of the timber when selecting material for external use. Please advise. Hidden on the middle layer is a rich wood cladding that contrasts the brick below and metal above to make an appealing filling for this architectural cake. Tongued and grooved boards should be installed tongue upwards. Consider using pre-finished timber cladding as this comes with a warranty and is applied on a factory controlled environment ensuring a better painted cladding finish. A TRADA book on External wood cladding is a good source of information, Please download our technical external wood cladding  installation guide, Nat Enterprises LtdUnit BLadfordfields Ind EstSeighford,StaffordST18 9QEUnited Kingdom, Timber Focus is Registered in England and Wales as a Private Company Limited No. Available in treated Losp Pine and hardwoods in 170-175mm widths and up to 5.4 meters in length; We stock and supply the best in exterior timber cladding … This can become a design feature, Openings within a wall require special attention. Timber Focus supplies both internal and external fire retardant timber cladding treatments with coatings or paints. At Avon Timber we sell the finest range of quality external cladding in the country. However, attention should not only be paid to the durability of the timber but, in particular, the detailing of the profile, as both need to be considered in order to ensure longevity of performance. Categories. All timber will weather to grey/silver in time.