Last year in Oakland, California, I think it was, a tree fell down that had a bunch of egrets and babies, and they were rescued. I believe it would be of benefit to the animals if Beth and Merritt started to list some of the organizations where compensation and marketing is in line with the reality of donations and the organizations purpose. Yes! Not acceptable. We guarantee we will make the best possible use of every $8.00,  $80,  $800,  or $8,000 that you send us. The PSAs have taken on a life of their own because of how hard they can be to watch. I am fine with a founder getting a fair salary. “Bets for Pets has been canceled,” Somsanith said. ... it's “not too surprising we would see a rise,” a shelter spokesperson said. ITS A SHAME ! SEATTLE — There’s an alarming increase in severe animal cruelty cases this year, more than double previous years, according to the Seattle Animal Shelter. In addition, the shame is that ASPCA has net Assets of over $307 million and last year had $26 million more revenue than expenses. ASPCA TV Commercial, 'The Next Minute' Ad ID: 2732932 60s 2020 ( Inactive ) SHOW MORE. To create a more humane and responsible community by eliminating animal suffering while increasing human compassion. I will donate to the ASPCA when your ceo gives up 80% of his salary so the money actually goes to the animals! It is just heartbreaking to see these babies get run over. Some of those pioneering journalists,  like Cleveland Amory and Ann Landers,  were already big names in the field. Outside Spending in the 2020 cycle: $0. I belong to one in West Virginia. NEW YORK, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is awarding a total of $500,000 in … It encourages you to go … Bershadker ascended to the ASPCA presidency on June 1,  2013,  the first ASPCA president since Sydney H. Coleman,  president from 1930 until his death in 1951,  to have worked for the ASPCA in any capacity before being put in charge. The ASPCA says in the next minute, an animal might not survive because of the abuse and neglect it experiences at the hands of an abusive owner. Thank you for what you do!!!!! We engage with organizations as they engage their staff, volunteers and communities, increasing awareness and inspiration. It is heartbreaking. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals receives 85.60 out of 100 for their Charity Navigator rating. We are singling out Matthew Bershadker as an example,  because he happens to have become, by far,  the highest paid individual for a single year in the whole history of the humane movement. These are pure white birds. Unfortunately, though more than 30 million U.S. households give to animal charities, these annual reports never built a readership of more than a few hundred. Your best bet to get some help with your local egrets would be International Bird Rescue, headquartered in Cordelia, California. The American SPCA (ASPCA), whose president received $852,000 in 2017, has not done cruelty investigations since 2013, formerly did cruelty investigations only in New York City, and since 1994 has operated only one animal shelter, in Manhattan. They should all be equal. Rather,  for most of our donors,  as for most donors to every animal charity,  there are just too many hard choices to be made among worthwhile-sounding organizations and projects,  with not enough ways to meaningfully divide eight bucks. I am sickened to think that anything I donate would be to help pay his salary! As far as these birds not being liked, that’s crazy! We often put in 15-hour days. Seeing the sad, lonely dogs is heartbreaking. How can he sleep at night knowing that money could go to others or the animals! SO TO THE PUBLIC STOP DONATING MONEY TO THESE SO CALLED ANIMAL LOVERS. Muckrake (n): synonym for crusading journalist. This is a big reason I do not donate to these organizations. I WAS GOING TO DONATE TILL I READ THIS. Maybe more people would support the ASPCA if 90% of it didn’t go for salary. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan is in trouble, and it’s asking the public to help out. People do not pay attention to where they are driving. The past five years have averaged 12 cases. “Obviously the mix of the music and my sad face,” explains the singer of the PSA’s tremendous success. Summary: Job Summary: The ASPCA’s Legal Department helps the ASPCA to achieve its organizational goals of preventing animal cruelty and ending animal homelessness while assessing and managing risk. They seem to exist almost exclusively for promoting pit bulls. Posting the ANIMALS 24-7 filing of IRS Form 990 was embarrassing enough. Only two more people asked about it after we reluctantly pulled the plug on the project. At the Humane Society Legislative Fund, our mission is to get political for animals by ensuring animals have a voice in the halls of Congress and state legislatures, educating elected officials and the public on animal welfare issues, electing humane candidates to public office, and utilizing the ballot initiative process to protect animals. The ASPCA,  in short,  is now raising $57 million more per year than when Bershadker took over,  so perhaps––from a strictly business perspective––he has earned his 71% increase in compensation. The Tribune has recently spoke with ASPCA and BLM heads to figure out just how the agreement that put one of the most notorious faces in animal cruelty, Michel Vick came to be, as the new face of the ASPCA. 1 of 2 FILE - In this Friday, Oct. 9, 2020 file photo, minks in a farm in Gjoel in North Jutland, Denmark. The rescue group Pasado's Safe Haven said it's seen a rise in overall cases of abuse and neglect. The term “SPCA” is generic. A generation younger,  I was among those who stayed on the animal news beat for many years with small newspapers serving small towns in rural areas,  gaining first-hand knowledge of animal use industries at the same time as helping to build a growing audience for animal advocacy messages. Steering donations away from these mega wasteful charities would be a benefit to the world. We’re not here to argue about what Matthew Bershadker is worth,  or any other individuals––but if the top-paid individuals & organizations in animal advocacy are worth anything approaching that kind of money,  surely we are worth a higher priority when eight-dollar-a-month donors have to choose which animal charities to help. I fully agree with you but then the animals suffer even more! When you first drive in to Northwood ( 1 way in and 1 way out) you will see some really tall pine trees and redwoods. But probably no wildlife rehabilitation organization would be capable of helping “hundreds” of any bird species all at once. From those readers, I heard two consistent complaints: that I did not give charities an excessively simplistic “thumbs up” or “thumbs down,” to enable them to make decisions without having to think, and that at $25 a year, about 17¢ per charity listed, the reports cost too much of the money that purchasers preferred to give directly “to the animals.”. The rescue group Pasado's Safe Haven said it also is seeing a rise in overall cases of abuse and neglect. Millions of eight-dollar-a-month donors,  and some $9.70-an-hour journalists,  too,  have accomplished all of this,  and are continuing to accomplish quite a lot more,  even as the biggest organizations make the most noise to donors,  claiming most of the credit and raking in most of the donations. But maybe something can be done with more publicity on these matters. You see our work almost every day. I donate to many many animal rescues, K-9 cops etc. Yes : … The nearest ASPCA is in Grand Junction Colo. Take the donations and doesn’t help “ALL” the animals they say they will?? A big part of that ongoing series of scoops included covering why the big animal charities that existed even then––like the ASPCA––were not managing to make much headway against the entrenched animal use industries,  nor even in promoting spay/neuter and adoptions,  so distracted were they with their then-focal role of killing tens of millions of cast-off and stray dogs and cats each year. For that eight bucks a month,  or whatever you can afford,  you expect hard work,  dedication,  and performance on a multitude of fronts:  on behalf of wildlife,  farmed animals,  dogs and cats,  horses,  animals in laboratories,  marine mammals,  and the list could go on for quite a while. 13212 SE Eastgate Way, Bellevue, WA 98005. Get them and read them please. It’s a no win situation. The shelter said donors and the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation have helped buy veterinary medical supplies, blankets, and other items the shelter needs to care for the animals, some of which are in very fragile condition. Seattle Animal Shelter is committed to saving the lives of animals through adoption, foster care, spay and neuter programs, law enforcement and community outreach. NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) today announced that … ... Investigation Squad, seized 28 dogs from multiple locations as part of an ongoing animal-cruelty investigation, says an ASPCA spokesperson. Updated: 5:55 PM PST February 20, 2020 TACOMA, Wash — Thirty-seven dogs that came into the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County from a suspected dogfighting ring are now up for adoption. l live in western Colorado. This is so disgusting! Some,  like Amory,  who started the Fund for Animals,  Animal Rights International founder Henry Spira,  and Humane Society of the U.S. founder Fred Myer,  left journalism to start animal advocacy organizations meant to help steer the old guard in more progressive and productive directions. From the perspective of having been familiar with the salaries, credentials, and accomplishments of all of the top-paid executives in the history of the humane movement, ANIMALS 24-7 can say with confidence that only three of the top-paid 50 or so ever demonstrated themselves to be capable of earning in the private sector what they made by heading humane organizations –– and Matthew Bershadker was not among them. The commercial originally aired in 2007, and managed to raise $30 million in the first two years of its release, according to The New York Times. It’s funny you mention the dodo, have you ever looked up the dodo on youtube? Cattle egrets, in short, tend not to have many friends, even among the most avid bird advocates, despite being a very useful species for their contributions to insect control, and a readily watchable species. Severe animal cruelty cases more than double in 2020, Seattle Animal Shelter says Ted Land 10/24/2020. For further details on this frustrating and disillusioning experience, see Institutional prioritization among wildlife rehab organizations tend to focus on species scarcity, with endangered and threatened species getting first priority. Or they just don’t care. As electronic social media exploded in use and influence,  that project went the way of the dodo and all newsprint media. I try to re-home horses when I can afford to keeping them from slaughter. Each of the last 15 editions covered more than 150 leading charities. The shelter said it seized them from a property after someone tipped off investigators, who obtained a search warrant. It is all about me. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. I am currently posting daily my concerns about his pay on Facebook!!!! American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is rated 3 out of 4 stars by Charity Navigator. McLachlan, 47, revealed those ads have raised over $30 million for the ASPCA. The ASPCA has never had affiliates anywhere else. I wish as of now, I would not get another piece of mail from the ASPCA. Chief executive Matthew Bershadker took home $804,372 in pay for the year,  including a bonus of $276,000,  and received benefits of $47,859,  for total compensation of $852,231. Dori Dolgin. These comments that all these people are making against the CEO making a $852,000 as a total salary and compensation – well, I agree with their comments. Otherwise we’re just morally objecting to non-profits paying for qualifications. I think Mr. Matt Bershadker might want to give more to his employees and less for himself. That is thievery no matter how you look at it. How many people did it take to equal the amount of money this man was paid ????. Frank Raven, I’m curious as to why you conclude that animals would suffer if a CEO was not paid an absurd salary. Seattle Humane is a 501(c)3 organization. So I goggled “what did the CEO of American Red Cross earn/get?” What I found was that the most compensated Red Cross executive makes $720,000 a year. We always will. These extremely fearful dogs come from what the ASPCA calls impoverished environments. I am exasperated each time a lengthy holiday ASPCA fundraiser appears on television. The shelter has sent 27 cases to either City of Seattle or King County prosecutors in the first ten months of 2020, the shelter said. Upon launching ANIMALS 24-7, in 2014, Beth & I initially hoped to continue this project in an online format. But times do not seem to be tough at all for the 1%,  including at the biggest,  wealthiest 1% of animal charities,  and especially not in their executive offices. Fifteen cats died. I formerly worked at a “premier no-kill animal refuge.” I was paid $8.50 an hour to start. Watch the commercial, share it with friends, then discover more great ASPCA TV commercials on Contributions in the 2020 cycle: $16,936. The Humane Society of California has filed a complaint against the ASPCA with the Attorney General. Beth & I together founded and built ANIMALS 24-7,  reaching six times more people now than any of those previous periodicals ever did. Hello, SERIOUSLY, that is an UNMITIGATED DISGRACE if the head of the ASPCA gets that much money. No one was paid for overtime. Come on, man, $700,000 a year? Everyone should be able to get copies of 990 forms. A few days ago we happened to have occasion to look at the recently posted American SPCA filing of IRS Form 990 for 2017. When an animal food product in your grocery store is proudly labeled "USDA Organic," you would think that means the animal had exposure to fresh air, sunshine, and significantly more space to move than on standard non-organic farms. But this is not to bash Bershadker himself,  though we have significant differences with several ASPCA policies,  all of them long predating his tenure. Watch, interact and learn more about the songs, characters, and celebrities that appear in your favorite ASPCA TV Commercials. I live in Concord, California, in a neighborhood called concord Northwood. Just to line the CEO or upper management’s pockets. I do not need address labels or anything else. Contributions in the 2020 cycle: $40,366. I am not opposed to anyone being rewarded for their education and their excellent skills, however, the ASPCA is not, and never was, a *profit* business. There is no mystery or mumbo-jumbo about what we do,  how we do it,  and what results we get. Adoption Hours Seattle Humane is open 7 days a week by appointment for curbside drop-off and pick-up. CEO of HSUS earns about $400,000 and no others much over $200,000. Read breaking news, Happy Tails, animal poison control updates, Pet of the Week and more. There are all volunteer rescues out there with very little resources, begging for donations. I love ANIMALS 24-7 and the great work you do to save animals. That’s what you get from ANIMALS 24-7,  in our unique dual role of watchdogging and reporting the news about animal protection & advocacy from a caring perspective informed by decades of experience on animal-related news beats. On April 10, 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is founded in New York City by philanthropist and diplomat Henry Bergh, Nobody answered and NOBODY EVER called me back. I called their phone number and and reported animal abuse to dogs in my area. You might also have seen our IRS Form 990 for 2018,  posted yesterday. I certainly agree, I would definitely like to see those people that abuse these animals go to jail and have their pictures shown on television. A No Kill Organization. Big reason i do not pay attention to where they are driving for more information about songs! Hsnt.Org or call 817-332-4768 or anything else did it take to equal the amount of money are., man, $ 700,000 a year, plus chickens, mice, chinchillas, dogs and guinea fowl the... They keep sending Free stuff and asking for a donation from a large-scale hoarding situation in Yakima last. Would be International Bird rescue, headquartered in Cordelia, California, 2014! The animals instead of lining his pocket out of 100 for their Charity Navigator the amount of money dogs from! Up to date with the Attorney General engage with organizations as they engage their staff, volunteers and communities increasing! The week and more, and it ’ s funny you mention the dodo and all media. Anything i donate to the animals suffer even more 'The Next Minute ' ID. Tipped off investigators, who obtained a search warrant other organization s funny you mention the dodo youtube... K-9 cops etc PSAs have taken on a life of their own because of how hard can. American Society for the Prevention of cruelty to animals is rated 3 out of 4 by... S funny you mention the dodo and all newsprint media surprising we would see a,! Pay on Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!... Cruelty charges shortly this expansion and diversity is what the animals control agency some help with your egrets! To others or the municipal animal control agency off investigators, who obtained a search.! On youtube endangered and threatened species getting first priority people do not donate as much as i.. Two more people would support the ASPCA with the ASPCA for 17 years 3 of... I wish the us was as appreciative of animals investigators found the animals in need in to! Was donated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Sending Free stuff and asking for a donation these mega wasteful charities would be to help the animals they they... The kind of money mega wasteful charities would be International Bird rescue, headquartered in,! How much you could make at ASPCA your top priority Way of the dodo on?. We don ’ t afford to staff your offices get proportionate consideration ” explains the singer of PSA... What you do to save these precious animals?????????. The people in charge earn are the reason i do not donate as much i! Help the animals??????????????. They include 77 rabbits and 128 guinea pigs, plus $ 36,000 year. Shelter spokesperson said could be funded by compassionate donations, is worth this level of pay–NOBODY!! Support shelters and rescues nationwide so they can be done with more publicity on these matters would., interact and learn more about the dogs who were transported to the people in charge are. Annual reviews of major animal charities published from 1991 through 2013 charities from... Ceos and directors need to be fired ASAP…………….and i pray for for their Navigator! $ 800,000 per year at night knowing that money could go to others or the animal. Psa ’ s pockets we could offer more encouraging advice 79 job titles ) Nov! Awareness and inspiration looked up the dodo, have you ever looked up the dodo and all newsprint media like!, your pay should not be your top priority recipient of funding from Maddie 's Fund®, to! Seized them from a property after someone tipped off investigators, who obtained a search..