Shenanigans ensue. Oh, What a Night features Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from the hit series Sherlock going on a date together. She moved close and placed her hands on his arms. iOS apps. She should be heart-broken, but instead she felt only sadness. Sherlock Comic Sherlock Holmes Benedict Sherlock Fandom Watson Sherlock Sherlock Quotes Sherlock John Supernatural Fandom Jim Moriarty Castiel. He had obviously just gotten out of the shower. She was not going to cry she told herself firmly as the tears began to fall. "Well, that's a relief," Molly said as he took a sip. "Molly." Molly stood still, she should be devastated but a curious sense of relief flooded her. "Molly, what's wrong?" I drew this comic 2014-2016. "Yes," Molly said simply and the two began to sway down the hallway to Sherlock's room in time to the music. Romance They sat in companionable silence as they finished their tea. AWellKeptSecret. Either will be better than the type of accommodations you will be able to find at this time of night. "Oh, What a Night" is a song first recorded by the doo-wop group the Dells and released in 1956, originally under the title "Oh What a Nite". She was sorry about the fork. ", "I thought I would get a room in a hotel tonight," Molly said. There was dead silence in the kitchen. He shifted awkwardly. Sherlock didn't say anything. It might take me a lifetime to decide. Find album release information for Oh, What a Night - The Dells on AllMusic I don't think I can compete with him and apparently you agree. " If I can't have your complete love, we need to call this relationship off. She wanted to follow him, to hug him, to tell him everything would work out. "We broke our engagement. The bride and groom lovely. "If you don't know how, I can teach you," Sherlock said. Now what had she done? <3, The whole time he was performing, Molly had watched his long fingers delicately holding the violin and imagined that he was playing for her alone. Invite. "He broke up with me," Molly said. Please note that the following graphi… She began to fish in her purse for her phone. I do!" She smiled and patted the elderly woman's arm. ". "That's what friends do, isn't it? I will stay with friends tonight and I will be moved out by the end of the week. She was shocked at how easy Tom was going about this. I did not realize you were such a jealous man. She should have realized he would be, Sherlock was brilliant at everything he did; everything except emotions. Sherlock Comic. With each new song their dancing became steamier. 64.6k likes, Comic Hide Map. They could find loads of more interesting things to do than attend the wedding. Molly's fingers trembled beneath his touch. sherlock My art johnlock oh what a night this is going to take a long time but i'm seriously looking forward to it they're going to flirt so badly it's going to be hilarious datelock "If you are planning on poisoning me," Molly called out on an impulse, "I want arsenic. It was evident he had been thinking of breaking up before tonight. Relax Molly, I'm joking. Sherlock pushed the coffee table the side and scooted furniture until a clear space was made in front of the sofa. Determined to get in this time, she applied more pressure as she turned the key. I am still your friend, and that is what friends do is it not? Molly sighed. He smiled as he recognized the tune; it was the song that had been playing as he left the party earlier tonight. He said matter of factly. By continuing, you are agreeing to see adult material. She really hadn't expected this. Hilarity, kissing, and egregious amounts of fluff ensue. Page 73, 74, and 75 of Oh, What a Night. He looked down at his bandaged hand where she had stabbed him with her dessert fork earlier. Tom . Your review has been posted. Molly was overwhelmed. Now was not the time or place she wanted to have this conversation. "Okay, yes I will stay. Am I wrong?" ", "Oh my, that won't do, that won't do at all. . "I'll be leaving now. She opened her mouth to apologize when she heard a low rumble come from the kitchen. It made her think of him in the shower and she moved uncomfortably, trying to think of anything else. "There are a lot of things you don't know about me," he answered and pulled her to her feet. He looked sad as he left the room. "Hmm, this is a collection of songs I recommended to John and Mary for the evening do." You mustn't be too harsh with him. I have barely spoken to the man in weeks," Molly protested. I drew this comic 2014-2016. Listen to official albums & more. His moves were crisp and his guidance was incredibly easy to follow. Over a few looks I supposedly gave Sherlock Holmes?" Mrs. Hudson shook her head. Rose. Sherlock Fandom Sherlock John Bbc Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Moriarty Watson Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock … Lyrics are from December 1963, by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Sherlock moved in to look at the lock. She pulled the phone from her purse. Nov 12, 2019 - Happy Birthday, OWAN! Sherlock lifted his hand to gently cup Molly's chin as he bent to place a warm kiss on her lips. "Salsa?" All the old emotion and longings she had harbored for the detective came crashing to the top. Tom smiled back; he really was a nice, nice man. ", "I don't know how to thank you. The problems started at the reception. "I don't think that would be wise. Nov 6, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Nichole Ryan . she breathed in as her heart gave a flip. "I always thought those two were inseparable. Molly hurried to the loo before anyone could see her distress. "You will have the whole place to yourself. I don't think you have gotten over him at all," Tom said flatly. "Mrs. Hudson said I could use her flat for tonight. I really love Tom. She watched him gazing at the energetic dancers; then he turned and walked away. Sherlock straightened from where he had leaned down to peer at the lock. BL 2.5m likes, Comic He knew she had probably had better sex than what he had offered, but she seemed content and he hadn't heard any complaints. As she quietly left the room, she didn't see the crafty look on Mrs. Hudson's face. Shenanigans ensue. Top comment Oh sweet horndogs. The day had started out well. BL Oh What A Night . ", "I'm okay," Molly said with a small sniffle. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. I should know. Her hips twisted with each step, the skirt of her yellow dress whipping back and forth. "Don't be ridiculous! Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off Maybe you can work this out. "I know the basic steps," Molly admitted. How did you know I wasn't the one who broke the engagement? "Is that you Mrs. His voice held surprise. . It's no picnic being married to a jealous man. "I didn't know you knew how to dance.". Molly set the violin case down carefully at her feet before inserting the key into the lock of 221A. ", "And have every gossiping nurse twittering about your break up within an hour? She stopped and looked at Molly in concern. [Intro] D G, G A [Verse] A D G A D Oh, what a night, late December back in '63 G A D What a very special time for me G A D As I remember what a night! "If that doesn't work out there is always the couch in the staff lounge at Barts. I'm sorry I bothered you." "Perhaps you are right. 221b was a cluttered mess. He held out his hand to Molly. Why go? Discover (and save!) "I saw the way you looked at him today, and the way he looked at you when you weren't watching. "If he hears anything at all, he will assume it is me. Your favorite comics, but in a shirt form. "oh, what a night" part 15. "It's always Sherlock Bloody Holmes isn't it?". ", Mrs. Hudson patted her shoulder. Sherlock Holmes was standing in the hallway looking at her. It contains major spoilers. 2.4m likes, Comic "Oh, I haven't decided. "Oh dear! A few minutes later as she stood before the mirror repairing her makeup, the door opened and Mrs. Hudson bustled in. Oh, What a Night penumbra. Mayhem had ensued. Oh, what a night. One mustn't rush these things. It's been a hard day for everyone. she groaned in frustration. Oh what a night I guess you got to let me go (We will be innocence) I feel you ignorance I save my innocence In this world I feel you ignorance I save my innocence Yeah, yeah, YEEEAAAAHHH! "oh, what a night" part 58. no copyright infringement was meant with the use of the song, all rights belong to the artist ♥️ . Shenanigans ensue. Civic Hall, Lee St, OL3 6AE Saddleworth, UK. Discover (and save!) Apr 21, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Emma Ailly. I'm sorry; I don't know why I am telling you this. The song is said to have been inspired by a party, which had been held in the Dells' honor by some female friends of the group. your own Pins on Pinterest Shenanigans ensue. your own Pins on Pinterest "Thank you. Oh, what a night. It's so sad. I don't plan to go back to the flat tonight. ", Tom struggled with his words, but the relief was evident in his voice when he said, "If you are sure.". No, she clarified, he was chuckling. And after HLV I just can't get behind Johnlockary, so that wasn't an option. I drew this comic 2014-2016. BL Murder had been attempted and it had taken Sherlock Holmes to deduce what was going on. Today was just the final straw. Sherlock grinned and took another sip of his tea. Android or I drew this comic 2014-2016. Each one lets you open a locked episode without spending Ink. What a very special time for me, 'Cause I remember what a night. The ceremony was beautiful. your own Pins on Pinterest "It's him again," he said. This is the story of what takes place after Sherlock leaves John and Mary's Wedding Party. 2017-12-28 - Oh, What a Night - Chapter 4 - penumbra - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own] Więcej informacji Tego Pina i nie tylko znajdziesz na tablicy Johnlock użytkownika PurpleGirl 96 . Oh, What a Night. He smirked slightly, he was an incredibly fast learner when he wanted to be, and right now Molly Hooper was at the top of his list. "I want you, Tom," Molly said a little desperately, as if she was trying to convince herself. 7.6K likes. His eyes followed the direction she was staring. There was a loud click and at first she thought she had met with success, but on closer inspection she realized to her horror the key had broken off inside the lock. Molly looked up with a startled expression. Oh, What a Night Lyrics: Oh what a night, to love you, dear / Oh what a night, to hold you near / Oh what a night, to squeeze you, dear / That's why I love you so! Saved by Nichole Ryan 1. "Sherlock," she breathed, and then nestled close against him. yeah you wanna kiss it? His damp hair was plastered to his scalp in little ringlets. ", "I wouldn't have offered if I weren't my dear. Summary: John and Sherlock go on a date. Oh, what a night, Oh, What a Night features Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from the hit series Sherlock going on a date together. Mrs. Hudson tutted softly. He stood up and walked over to the corner of the room and soon the lively beat of a Salsa tune could be heard. ", "Yes, friends do," Molly confirmed, "But no, I don't want to talk about it. Oh well, just take the violin along with you dear. She pulled the ring from her finger and handed it to him. "I said I was sorry," Molly said, biting her lip. #sherlock #johnlock #dating #romance #Sherlock_Holmes #john_watson. Sherlock led her into more and more elaborate twists and turns. Sherlock Fandom Sherlock John Sherlock Season 5 Sherlock Holmes 3 Johnlock Elementary Sherlock Benedict And … Forgive and go on, I always say. Sometimes Tom could be alarmingly perceptive. "oh, what a night" part 89. The problems started at the reception. He was wearing pajama bottoms but only his dressing gown covered top half of his body, the front gaping open to reveal a surprisingly muscular chest. Sherlock said as he rounded the landing and clattered down the last short flight of steps to the street level. It was the most erotic thing Molly had ever experienced. I drew this comic 2014-2016. your own Pins on Pinterest "Do you want to talk about it?" "Well, since I can't stay here tonight, I'll just call a cab. Oh, What a Night: 14. I have never given you a reason to doubt me," She said stiffly. Mar 16, 2020 - Home Warning: This website contains explicit/graphic content and is intended for mature audiences only. She jiggled the key up and down and back and forth with no result. :D. The day had started out well. Hurt/comfort is not my area. 83.8k likes. "I knew that," Molly declared as she helped herself to a chocolate biscuit. Mrs. Hudson wasn't kidding about the lock being stiff. A Musical Tribute to Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons She gave a loud sigh and tried again. Shenanigans ensue. She was over Sherlock, she had Tom now, but couldn't help a small wistful glance at the dais where Sherlock had so recently performed the lovely waltz. Directed by Eric Till. "Good bye Tom," She said and turned her back to him. "Please, don't insult me Molly. With Corey Haim, Barbara Williams, Keir Dullea, Geneviève Bujold. Chel and I are doing the town and we will eventually end up at his place. He looked like someone who had lost his best friend. Could you look and see if you can get the door open?" Molly asked, trying to sound casual. He disappeared down the hallway and returned a few moments later wearing a plain grey tee shirt under the dressing gown. He saw her hesitant look and grinned. It took her a few seconds to realize he was laughing. Romance Tears began to fall down her cheeks again. What do you plan to do about tonight? Shenanigans ensue. "oh, what a night" part 88 Saved by Nichole Ryan Sherlock Comic Sherlock Fandom Watson Sherlock Sherlock Quotes Sherlock John Supernatural Fandom Castiel Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Sherlock "Is out of the picture." Its Sherlock did this and Sherlock said that all the time. By continuing, you are agreeing to see adult material. Saved by Nichole Ryan Sherlock Comic Sherlock Holmes 3 Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Fandom Sherlock John Johnlock Hobbit Marvel Dc Yuri. 2.4m likes, Comic He looked down and gently brushed a lock of hair from her face. A deep voice inquired and Molly heard footsteps on the stairs. It's a shame you had to break up with him during a wedding though, that's a little bad timing on your part dear.". "I'll make tea," Sherlock said as he hurried off into the adjoining kitchen. She stirred in her sleep and smiled. Tom leaned down. Shenanigans ensue. I'm so sorry. no copyright infringement was meant with the use of the song, all rights belong to the artist Well, whatever he has done, I expect your young man will be calling you in a few minutes to tell you he is sorry. I prefer my poison sweet please." Discover (and save!) 2.5m likes, Comic Couples lined the candlelit room as the bride and groom took the floor to dance the first dance as husband and wife. She fumbled in her purse, pulled out two sets of keys, hesitated, and handed one set to Molly. Apr 20, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Shayle. I'll find some place to stay tonight. Nov 6, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Gökkuşagi kizlari. It's over and done with and I would rather move on.". "Don't be ridiculous Tom, Sherlock Holmes doesn't care a fig about me, and you are the man I want." Home Warning: This website contains explicit/graphic content and is intended for mature audiences only. They were her friends, she had explained, but he had replied that John was merely someone she worked with occasionally, and that she didn't know Mary at all. It has been a little stiff lately. I think it would be wiser to spend the night on the sofa at Barts. "You may have to jiggle the lock a bit to get in. I seem to remember spending a few nights on your sofa a couple of years ago. "Have a seat." Sherlock was a fantastic dancer. Previous - Next Read on AO3 or start at the beginning. There is nothing to be done about it tonight.". In a small Canadian township two lads start to investigate the world of women, with some advice from the local Scottish shop and garage owner. Molly stood hardly taking her eyes off Sherlock as he played his violin. Previous - Next Are you sure? Molly said. Molly trailed along behind. A/N: Word of Caution: This story takes place right after Series 3 episode 2. Gift for idahobbit for the Valentine's Johnlock gift exchange. One of them tries to impress his girl with his dad's various cars while the other takes an increasingly serious interest in an older woman. His mouth was in a grim line. "Oh for heaven's sake!" BL sherlockedit 10yearsofsherlock bbc sherlock sherlock john johnlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman ASiP they really changed my life mine my edit idk when i'll be able to listen to oh what a night … "Come along then," Sherlock said as he picked up his violin case and headed up the stairs. Sherlock had forgotten his instrument! "Nothing, I just noticed that Sherlock forgot his violin. your own Pins on Pinterest "Not in words," Tom agreed. BL I'm sorry I disturbed you. Her voice trailed off. Sherlock Comic Sherlock John Sherlock Holmes John Locke Sherlock John Sherlock Holmes John Locke He frowned slightly, "It appears John has two left feet. You can find OWAN on my Tumblr:, Comic Thank you to everyone who came along to see us on our 2019 tour - we had an absolute blast celebrating the … She asked incredulously. What a night. "I would never poison you, Molly," Sherlock said as he took a sip of his own tea. I drew this comic 2014-2016. The song is said to have been inspired by a party, which had been held in the Dells' honor by some female friends of the group. Think, Molly. Oh what a night // JohnLock \\ - Duration: 3 minutes, 31 seconds. And a couple of times to pick up or deliver body parts for Sherlock's experiments. "He broke the engagement. Oh, what a night. Have a biscuit?". For the first time Molly heard a note of jealousy and frustration in his voice. The kiss deepened and Molly raised her arms to his shoulders so that she could run her fingers through the rich dark curls on the back of his head. We decided Salsa was too steep a learning curve for him. OH WHAT A NIGHT! Molly soon forgot to be nervous and relaxed into his steps and turns with ease. He was just what she had always wanted. "Oh, okay," Molly said. In the morning, you can call your young man. Tom was right; he deserved more than she could give. "I do know how to make proper tea, you know, and for your information, you will find the beverage to be exceptionally potable.". I drew this comic 2014-2016. The song ended and another started, but neither moved. "December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)" is a song originally performed by The Four Seasons, written by original Four Seasons keyboard player Bob Gaudio and his future wife Judy Parker, produced by Gaudio, and included on the group's album, Who Loves You (1975). She gave a small gasp and stopped dancing as she saw the violin was still on the small table, lying inside its case. Molly started to say she was sorry again, but closed her mouth. You know, I didn't even know her name, But I was never gonna be the same. Oh, What a Night features Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from the hit series Sherlock going on a date together. Late December back in '63. "You haven't been the same since he came back," Tom said angrily as he stepped back and allowed his hands to fall to his sides. "I deserve more than want. 78. "Oh, and just how would you do me in?" Creator. 83.8k likes, Hello! Mrs. Hudson interrupted. He was rubbish at that. Things always seem better in the daylight. Something about he look he gave her as he stared over his tea cup made Molly swallow. He turned and headed toward 221A when he abruptly stopped. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Molly bit her lip. His back was to her and as he turned about she looked up and forced a smile. pin. He and his wife are separated you know," She said in a confidential tone. Saved by Nichole Ryan Sherlock Fandom Sherlock John Sherlock Holmes Johnlock Hobbit Im Selfish Tumblr Archive Of Our Own Doctor Strange. Yes, they had had disagreements, all couples did, but she had not seen a breakup coming. Things between them had been rather strained recently. You can have the flat. ", Put that way, Molly could not find a single reason to object. Sherlock suddenly asked. It must be shock she decided. Hosted by Handshake Ltd. Molly grew uncomfortable and began to rattle off random sentences in explanation.

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