These are the best 4C edge control gels for coarse type 4 natural hair, you will love these even if you've tried and failed time after time to find a good one. It rounds out a good group of edge control gels for coarse 4C natural hair. The products that work for 3B & 3C hair don't work for errrbody. When it comes to taming stubborn 4C edges, hick edge control is simply one of the best. 11 Edge Control Products That Keep Your Hair Laid for Hours. Baby hair and afros compliment each other so well. Instant Control Edge & Braid Gel Max. I was using another edge control that did work for me but decided to switch to another edge control bc the product I was using prior started leaving residual dried out gray gunk all of sudden and it wasn't … It's great for box braids because the edge hold is extremely strong and you usually don't have to reapply for 2 days. NHP recommends this one when you're doing low manipulation hairstyles like wearing a high bun or flat twist. It's very thick, and that's the best part because it lays your hair down as if it were glue. Flyaway and frizzes are common concerns. But if your entire family has the same type of hair, a product with a minimum of 5oz quantity is best. You can use it to do any hairstyle that your hair permits and keep it in place for long. Even if you have tried just about every edge tamer on the market with no results. Go To NHP HOME PAGE - Read our Privacy Policy     © 2020-2021 All Rights Reserved, Edge Control for Coarse Hair Has Been Difficult. Use a hair scarf for extra hold. It's a concentrated formula that's designed to work in small amounts. Many women with 4C hair enjoy this edge control gel because it doesn't leave a lot of build-up or residue and it's not crunchy feeling. If you have 4C hair type, an edge tamer that has a stronger hold is … Only the best edge control for coarse hair when you hate stiff holds... #11 - African Pride Olive Miracle Silky Smooth Edges. Contact NHP. According to Dr. A great edge control gel can take your high hair bun style to the next level sis. It is great for very kinky 4C coarse hair. Date published: 2020-07-31 Rated 5 out of 5 by TJ Thompson from Great product This is the only edge control I use for my hair. {Get FREE Hair Growth Guide & Hair Product Discount Codes!}. It is the best edge control for 4c hair that will keep your edges and flyaway in control all day long. 99 ($4.50/Count) I've used almost every product known to man that claims to slick down baby hair with no success until now. Home » 5 Best Edge Control for 4c Hair – Review and Buying Guide [2021] 5 Best Edge Control for 4c Hair – Review and Buying Guide [2021] Last Updated: October 15, 2020 By: GlamorandGlow. Wig & Weave Conditioning Shampoo $11.99 Add to cart. My mission was to find a product that would give medium to extra hold, yet wouldn’t give the heavy build up and leave my hair … ! ... but it comes down to using a good edge cream," Redway says. This edge control gel for coarse 4C hair is highly recommended. the best edge control for 4c natural hair Hey gals today I found the solution to laying natural 4c edges and i wanted to show you guys the secrets and key to getting long lasting hold. Moisturizing Agent: The kinky hair tends to be brittle as they are non-porous. From hair type 1C to 4C, this edge tamer can take care of the tightest curls. The non greasey hair pomade is designed to leave hair looking and feeling healthier. . Read more: Top 7 Best Natural Curly Hair … This gel does exactly what the packaging says it will do without being sticky or dry and flaky this tamer stays on for 24 hrs! 8 oz. Article from Case of 12 Diamond Oil $107.88 Add to cart. Ingredients like castor oil, Glyceryl Cocoate, Propylene Glycol, render shine, and add smoothness to your frizzy curls. Hence this product works pleasant for those with 3A-4C hair textures. The struggle is real. Especially if you have stubborn 4c edges like me. If you want to know more about what other things you should factor in, take a look at our ”Buying Guide.”. If you have 4C hair type, an edge tamer that has a stronger hold is preferable. This genuine hair gel is non-flaky and non-sticky and rinses out easily. It has a thick consistency that helps give you a decently long hold and get you through the day. You can choose the … You have entered an incorrect email address! It does its job way too well. You only need a very small amount to get your edges to lay flat I don't care how coarse your edges are it will work on them like magic! However, like many of us, did you try a dozen products and were disappointed by all of them? All the products listed above are the best for 4C hair. Jul 22, 2014 - HICKS EDGE CONTROL ON NATURAL HAIR - YouTube. Get TYPE 4 hair tips delivered to your inbox every week! Edge Scarf & 2 Pcs Edge Brush, Satin Edge Laying Scarf for Women Lace Frontal Wigs, Edge Control Brush for Baby Natural Hair, Edge Wrap for Wigs (2Pcs Black) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $8.99 $ 8 . It applies dry, and you can comb through it easily. All 5 products are superb edge controls for 4C hair. It works great even in hot weather when you might suffer from a lot of sweating. If you look at the Amazon reviews for Black Panther Edge and Braid Control gel for 4C hair it's easy to see that this is one of the best edge control gels for coarse hair, it does what the reviews say it does. Things to Consider While Purchasing Edge Control for 4C Hair Type. It also does not contain any alcohol that would dry you out. It's great for box braids because the edge … Also, the fragrance should preferably not be overpowering. But before you jump into taking a peek at our review section, let’s get to know the two most important factors while buying an edge tamer for your curly tresses. Let's talk about why we end up buying the wrong stuff so much, because... And that reason is because, in the natural hair community you and I have become... P.S. of product. Hicks Edges promotes hair growth and makes your hair silky smooth. You certainly don’t want that! It was NOT the best edge control for coarse hair in her situation, KNOW your needs! It smells like candy but not too strong, and it can last for hours. This was originally made for professional salon use only... JOIN THE "NHP-HIVE" : 19,500+ Black Women who get type-4 specific hair help, product discount codes and laughs in their inboxes! The Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Edge control is best for the type C hair in general. The product system consists of avocado and almond oil. You will not need a lot of products to lay down the edges, but it will stay for long hours. Camryn's BFF Gentle Edges Brush 4.5 out of 5 stars 18,415. So don't expect days of edge control with this one, this is for the ladies who hate the feeling of too strong of a hold but still want a quick hold and like the scent.. The best edge controls have nourishing agents listed under key ingredients. #5 - Cantu Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel: Best Edge Control for 4C Hair (With a Soft Hold), #6 - Ampro Styler Protein Styling Gel Ice Edge Control, #7 - Good2Gro: Best Edge Control for Coarse Hair List, #8 - Design Essentials Naturals Honey & Shea Edge Tamer. They are strong, safe, and moisturizing. But the more popular brands like Carol’s Daughter, Hicks, Design Essential are perhaps more likely to make decent products. We are not saying that lesser-known brands aren’t likely to manufacture quality products. It will promote hair health by preventing breakage and damage. If you think logically, a popular brand earns its popularity because customers like its products. You'll be totally in love with this edge tamer! It is made of ingredients that benefit your tresses and has a fragrance that will capture your heart. The primary feature of an edge control is to make kinky and curly hair frizz-free and lay them down. Do consider the quantity. CONS: It's not recommended for braid outs or twist outs if you have very resistant edges. Overall, we find Hicks edge control to be one of the best in the market because of its strong hold on your hair. After my hairdresser finished my hair she put Hicks on my edges as usual and it literally held for about 2 days. This hair product comes in a 4-fl-oz size. Also, if you are searching for one product that can take care of the needs of the entire family, then this is just the right one for you. Besides, you will also like its sweet scent. Its key ingredients are Glycerin, water, castor oil, and Caprylyl Glycol. This also made the list for best edge control for coarse hair because of the fine organic igredients like organic mango and shea butter. 8. Was is finding the best edge control for 4C hair so hard? But what works for hair type 1C won’t do much for the 4C hair. They have various different lines of this edge control gel, the one with the strongest hold is the “PUNK EXTREME” line. Strength of Hold: For the 4C hair type, you would need a strong edge control. Pros – Best edge control gel for 4C hair – Smell great – Sulfate-free. Top 5 Edge Control to Manage 4C Hair Type, Things to Consider While Purchasing Edge Control for 4C Hair Type, 5 Best Infrared Flat Iron 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, 10 Best Quiet Hair Dryers: Reviews and Buying Guide, Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair: Reviews and Buying guide, 10 Best Men’s DHT Blocking Shampoo to Stop Hair Fall, The 10 Best Professional Flat Irons 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Cordless Flat Irons 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Shampoos for 4C Hair: Reviews and Buying Guide, 7 Best Professional Hair Clippers & Trimmers for Barbers, castor oil, Glyceryl Cocoate, Propylene Glycol, aqua, glycerol Cocoate, glycerin, castor oil, coconut oil, The nourishing formula contains argan oil, Keeps hair healthy by preventing breakage, Gives a firm hold and makes coiled hair manageable, Can leave an ashy residue if used in large quantity. It's also soft and the hold is non-crunchy. It soothes, nourishes, and strengthens your kinky 4c hair to make it look sleek for hours. So, it is better to rely on popular brands when you are choosing something for your hair. Hence, while choosing an edge control, do keep an eye on the quantity. Tired of the icky build-ups and embarrassing flakes? I’m going to help you get them edges laid. This was all about the top and best edge control for coarse hair for you! Here’s 6 edge control gels that I’ve tried on my unruly 4c … Purchase your Hicks pomade at #2 Olive Oil Edge Control The Best Edge Control For 4C Hair. This world-class edge tamer contains argan oil, that is supremely beneficial to your hair. Gorilla Snot may not have as strong of a hold as our #1 and #2 best edge controls on this list, but for the price this is a great VALUE pick. The jar contains 4 oz of product in it. 4C Trichology Growth Services, LLC., was formed to serve an underserved community with unique, innovative, and science-backed natural hair growth solutions that work in the real world. For some naturals, this is the best edge control for coarse hair because it is infused with Shea and honey to help give you extra shine and health-inducing nourishment. CONS: It does tend to get a little gunky and builds up after too many days so it is best to wash it out of your edges after you bathe at night. And applying these edge control gels to damp hair makes them work better. It is a salon-quality edge tamer that works best on Brazilian and virgin hair. Step #6 Style Hair. So, having a constant supply of edge control falls under necessity. Saved from The 4C hair, aka kinky hair, is fluffy, non-porous, and brittle. Managing the most unmanageable hair is an easy-breezy affair when you have the Ebin edge control in your grip. Even my scalp becomes extremely moist all over including my edges. CONS: This only provides a few hours of a decently soft hold, it doesn't give you extreme hold but it's the best edge control for 4C hair for those who hate to have the stiff feeling on their forehead. Many reviews say that this edge control gel for coarse hair is not drying, cakey or sticky. So... No ECOGEL on this 4C-Specific list. Plus, the NHP Black Hair Growth Guide FREE. 8 Best Edge Control For Coarse Hair 2020 1. Here's your list of the best edge control gel for coarse 4C natural hair: If you look at the Amazon reviews for Black Panther Edge and Braid Control gel for 4C hair it's easy to see that this is one of the best edge control gels for coarse hair, it does what the reviews say it does. This edge control gel for 4C hair is great because it promotes thicker and fuller edges, and has many high-quality ingredients. This edge tamer is transparent with a gel-like consistency. You can apply it on dry or wet hair. natural hair -n- scalp conditioning shampoo $12.99 add to cart 4 oz. Typically, a human hair is variable in categories such as a bond, brunet, short or long, curly or straight, etc. The jar contains 4 oz. People with kinky hair laud this brand globally and swears by its effectiveness. If you want to look terrific in your cornrow, braids, or coiled bob hairstyles, then you have got to try out the Ebin edge control. Hick's Total Transformations - We pride ourselves in having some of the best hair care products on the market. Control tapered cuts and nape back area. Dr. Miracle’s Edge Holding Gel with Jojoba Oil. Miracle, it works … The 4C hair is unique and has characteristics like no other type. So even though this might make your forehead feel a little bit stiff because of its extreme hold, it makes your hair look amazing, it's a great buy. If it flakes up on you a little bit, all you need to do is apply a little bit oil over your edges and the flakes will go away. should be good. The advantage to flaxseed gel is that it’s super cheap and can be mixed with your favorite butters, oils, and styling creams. However, we recommend you to not go extra-liberal with it. Cons – It’s not the best edge control for thick 4C hair. I can’t bring you a round-up of the best edge control for 4C hair without mentioning this firm hold gel that gives me the sleekest edges. The best edge control for coarse hair, will be different for someone without coarse hair, the same goes for curl activators on 4C natural hair VS other types.. That's why NHP put together this list of the best edge control gels for coarse hair, because we deal with different challenges. On clean damp hair, apply the edge control to the desired area. The #1 best type 4 hair edge control all the way to number 11. OPEN I have found the holy grail! It is one of the best edge controls for 4c hair type because it has a strong grip, does not melt easily, and does not flake at all. An edge control that adds moisture will do a better job when it concerns 4C type hair. In case a white tinge is left on your hair, just brush your locks with a bit of water, and it will all be gone in seconds. 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,301. If you want a short-term hold that feels more comfortable look towards the bottom of the list, they get on the list but don't rank as high because most type 4 naturals care more about a strong hold than the most comfortable hold. NATURAL HAIR -N- SCALP STYLING CREAM $12.99 Add to cart. Not only will this edge tamer lay your hair down, but also add a shine to it. Hicks total transformations, hicks edges holds hair firmly in place with a super shine and without flakiness. When it comes to hair care product, fragrance matters a lot. CONS: One of the only downsides to this product is that sometimes it will leave your hair a little white because of the drying and flaking, but the solution is to simply apply a little bit of oil and you'll be good. Rub the edge control onto the damp hair with your hands first, and then follow up with a brush to control the frizz. Hicks Edges($15.00); topping our list at number one is Hicks Edges, we live for this edge control. You don’t need to wash your hair every time you want to change your hairstyle if you use this product. Ohhh, the power of "HURRICANE HOLD". It should have enough hold to last through the day and give you a clean look. And trust me I know, it's important to find an edge control gel that is extremely good at holding down kinky hair, many of the stickier and goopier edge control gels are good at this. Jul 22, 2014 - HICKS EDGE CONTROL ON NATURAL HAIR - YouTube. Hold 4 oz. See and discover other items: edge control for natural hair, edge control natural hair, edge controls, design essentials hair products, best edge control for natural hair, best edge control Disclaimer : While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. Besides, you do not need to plan your shampoo schedule around it. Online shopping for Beauty & Personal Care from a great selection of Extensions, Wigs & Accessories, Hair Accessories, Styling Tools & Appliances, Hair Cutting Tools & more at everyday low prices. We promise our … Hence, while you purchase an edge control to manage your tresses, you should keep the following things in mind. 8 oz. This one is not as heavy as the other control gels in this list. #3 - Instant Control Edge & Braid Gel Max Hold, #4 - Gorilla Snot: Best Edge Control Gels for 4C Hair. When it comes to edge controls, there is no such thing as ‘one product for all!’ While we can agree that the primary function of an edge tamer is to lay your hair down to make it look frizz-free. So, what is the best edge control for coarse hair? If you prefer an edge tamer that works fast and gives you a medium to strong grip while enriching your hair texture, then you should go for the Instant Control Edge & Braid Gel. Not the strongest, but great for the price. Hence, while you purchase an edge control to manage your tresses, you should keep the following things in mind. one of the cheaper options available to you. You will get your edges laid ALLLL the way down with this bad girl. It also works to give hair a natural shine. The name of this #4 best edge control for coarse hair may not sound appealing, but many naturalistas with coarse 4C natural hair cannot live without this stuff. Highly recommended for all types of hair, this super holding power pomade leaves hair silky smooth with no flaking. Most of the others out there are either too sticky and shiny or dry up flaky with a white residue or dissipate after an hour or so. Order Now! Jul 22, 2014 - HICKS EDGE CONTROL ON NATURAL HAIR - YouTube. This product does not leave any white residue if you use it in an average quantity. You'll find your answer in this list below. We have listed the five best edge controls that your curls would simply love! However, the one thing that did not impress s is the fact that this edge control leaves a slight residue. How to get Laid 4b/4c edges with hicks edge control!!! Its key ingredients are aqua, glycerol Cocoate, glycerin, castor oil, coconut oil. The reviews say that flaking and whitening are not a huge problem with this edge control gel for 4C hair, this specific edge control gel was formulated to promote natural hair growth around your edges while adding shine and moisture, making it one of the best edge control for coarse hair options available online right now. If so, then the Design Essential Sleek Max Edge control is your friend. This one is the weakest of this best list, but it's great for naturalistas who like a lightweight edge control gel and are ONLY focused on freshening up up the moisture. This can't be called the bestedge control gel for coarse hair FOR ERRRRBODY. This Pomade controls tapered edges and cuts. When you first put this edge control gel on your edges look amazing, so this is a great gel to use for a night out. #9 - Flaxseed Gel: DIY Best Edge Control for 4C Hair, #10 - ORS Olive Oil Edge Control Gel w/ Almond Oil. Thanks to our readers this site is now an "Amazon Associate", we earn from qualifying purchases. Purchase an edge control with a pleasant fragrance. 4c Naturalistas don’t fret. One best practice is to apply edge control gel for coarse hair that's already damp so that you can minimize shrinkage and give yourself the most defined look. Hicks Total Transformations Edges Styling Gels. Featured products. Honestly I don’t know which one is the best one for me. Case of 12 Hicks Edges $107.88 Add to cart 8 oz. it's not sticky or greasy and a little bit goes a long way, a hold your edges down without making them hard. This has been one of the Holy Grail edge control gels for unruly 4C coarse hair for a while now, just wet your edges, lay them down with a toothbrush and apply a little bit of Gorilla Snot while brushing it in. The product comes in a 2oz jar and is packed with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, aloe, almond oil, etc. Welcome to NHP! Some of the customers reviewed that it leaves white residue if you use it in a generous amount. One of the best things is that this edge control gel is rather inexpensive, it leaves your hair super shiny. 1. Finding the best edge control for coarse hair can give you a headache sometimes, ya know? It does not damage your type 4 hair at all and is not drying, it rinses out with plain warm water. And if you intend to purchase any product from the list you just read, you are most likely to love your purchase. With this product, your brittle hair can drink into the moisture, which it always has been craving. of products. No exaggeration needed, this stuff lays down every single strand it touches. Hold hair edges in place without flakiness when using Hicks Edges Pomade. This is great when you don't need more than a day of hold because it does wear off during the day. We've rounded up some of the best, whether your hair is relaxed or natural. HEY! 4C Trichology Growth Services, LLC., was formed to serve an underserved community with unique, innovative, and science-backed natural hair growth solutions that work in the real world. Help…..I can’t afford to purchase them all! 1. The jar contains 2.3 oz. People with 4C type also have a lot of baby hair. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 4B/4C HAIR TIPS | BEST EDGE CONTROL FOR NATURAL HAIR - Duration: 4:51. steffyjayyy 18,009 views. Hence, it is best to use hair products that have moisturizing agents like castor oil, glycerin, argan oil, coconut oil, etc. It does not leave a residue, stays for long, is moisturizing, and has a lovely fragrance that will lift up your spirit and rejuvenate your senses. Its consistency is thick but it still melts into your hair and lays down smooth. But sometimes it can feel like finding the right gel or pomade that lasts all … It doesn't dry your hair out because it does not contain alcohol, and that's great because alcohol is damaging to your hair. In stock on September 1, 2020. I took it upon myself to review two different edge control products to tame my Kinky 4C textured hair: Crème of Nature’s Perfect Edges with Argan Oil from Morocco, and Mane Choice’s Edge Control. Rated 5 out of 5 by Tionna12 from This may be the edge control for you I have 4c hair and this product works better than other edge controls I’ve tried. Girrrl, get IN on this! And if you happen to have hair loss on your hairline we also have an article about how to regrow your hairline edges. And if a toothbrush is your paintbrush, then edge control is the paint. So, a product that won’t melt under the sun is perhaps the best.

hicks edge control on 4c hair

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