Picture Window theme. See also: Determinant of a Square Matrix. & .& .\\a_{n,1} & a_{n,2} & a_{n,3} & . [ 12. Write a C++ Program to find the determinant of a 2 * 2 Matrix with an example. & . ?determinant = determinant + (a[0][i]*(a[1][(i+1)%3]*a[2][(i+2)%3] - a[1][(i+2)%3]*a[2][(i+1)%3])); java program to find determinant of n*n matrix using recursion............--and please call a instance of this class in main method...import java.util.Random;import java.util.Scanner;public class Matrix { int matrix[][]; Scanner s=new Scanner(System.in); Random r = new Random(); public Matrix() { System.out.println("Enter size"); int n=s.nextInt(); int[][] matrix=new int[n][n]; System.out.println("enter the matrix"); for(int i=0;i

determinant of a matrix in c

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