At work we had a soup cook off and I chose to be adventurous and do a chilled soup. Two Finnish Blueberry Soups DIY, Food & Drink. We arrived by ferry from Tallinn each day and spent 1 day in the town, all as the sky gleamed in bright blue and the sunshine warmed the streets of Finland’s beautiful capital. It can also be lovely served in a small cup as a pre-dessert amuse bouche for a special occasion. While hearty dishes of eggs, meats, and pastries crowded the spread, it was this warm blueberry soup that welcomed my 2011.This Scandinavian recipe for blueberry soup was originally published in the Anchorage Daily News and I found it via Scribbit, a … Song of the day: Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap If you’re being health-conscious, you can lighten this recipe up by doing a couple of things: Instead of cream, use 2 cups of plain non-fat yogurt. I served it in a martini style glass with a wedge of orange. Strolling the meals markets became an immediate favorite. Preparation. Each household can have their own family recipe, leaving room for many variations of this dessert. Ti's a nice sauce especially cold on hot creamy rice pudding; my Mother always made it in the summertime for dessert.Delicious ! It is served both as a soup, often together with porridge, or as a drink. Rate this Blueberry Vellia Finnish Fruit Soup With Sweet Dum... recipe with about ! It’s like the little black dress of Finnish cuisine. Leftovers. Instead of being made with pastry, like in American tradition, the Finnish version has more of a cake-like consistency, and it's naturally gluten-free because it's most often made with almond flour, rice flour, or other non-wheat substitutes. Serve it thoroughly chilled, accompanied by tuiles, biscotti, or other crisp cookies. Mustikkapiirakka (Finnish Blueberry Pie). The drinks were served in VERY fancy crystal glasses by Uma Thule that you can buy in the in-flight shopping catalogue. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. We had a choice of champagne or BLUEBERRY JUICE! May 9, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by GEM Travels. Blåbärssoppa (bilberry soup) is often served warm in winter or cold in summer. It can be enjoyed as a light main course for lunch, or more commonly as dessert or breakfast. It is sweet in taste and contains starch, which gives it a fairly thick consistency. In the USA, blåbärssoppa is imported and sold under the trade name Blåbär. At the same time, a salmon soup is easy home cooking, super healthy and suitable for any event. In a deep saucepan, bring the sugar, orange juice, wine or grape juice, and 1 cup water to a boil. Yes, frozen blueberries work just fine for this recipe. Not a pie in the sense we know it, Mustikkapiirakka is a cross between a pie, a tart, and a cheesecake. It is also a slight misnomer to call this a blueberry pie, for in Finland they traditionally use bilberries, not their close American relatives, blueberry. Finnish Blueberry Pie Ingredients with American Measurements. Mar 11, 2016 - Sweet-tart berries are the base for this delicious fruit soup, a popular Scandinavian cold cure. This New Year’s Day, at a leisurely late Saturday morning hour, my husband and I hosted a New Year’s brunch with friends and family. He ended up on an honorable fifth place. Blueberry Soup is a documentary about the constitutional change in Iceland following the financial crisis of 2008. Blueberry or bilberry soup Blåbärssoppa. Blueberry soup has a luscious purple-red color, making the stains easily mistaken for something else… Nordic skiing champion Per Erik Hedlund learnt that when he participated in the ski race Vasaloppet in 1922. Boil for 1 minute, stirring. If served as a dessert, you can add some whipped cream or custard over the soup. This month we’re traveling to Finland on the “Eat The World” train. Mustikkakeitto (Finnish Blueberry Soup) Sweet-tart berries are the base for this delicious fruit soup, a popular Scandinavian cold cure.

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