One does not decline a gift from the Emperor's own hand, after all. [25d] Now members of the Custodes will bring war to the enemies of mankind, while the Companions oversee the safety of the Emperor's mortal form. The Emperor battles the Warmaster Horus aboard his flagship, while the Legio Custodes attempt to come to the aid of their liege. These make up the Legio Custodes and later the Adeptus Custodes itself, the Ten Thousand. The Custodian Guard are the talons of the Emperor unsheathed, and they will tear the corruption of Chaos from the Imperium no matter the cost. More than a lethal sidearm, the Misericordia signifies something greater. "The duty of the Emperor's defence does not end at the walls of the Imperial Palace. A Companion of the Hetaeron Guard stands in stoic silence in the performance of his sacred duty, vigilantly watching over the Master of Mankind. [19] The genetic enhancement that forms the Custodes is different from and predates that developed to create the Space Marines. Another school of thought, the adherents of which are known as the Miserians, believe that through the wounds inflicted with Misericordia they will slowly bleed the great descendants of Horus, inflicting a death by a thousand cuts upon the Black Legion and their masters. Their word is law and their might in battle unsurpassed, even amongst the ranks of … The Primarchs Horus, Rogal Dorn and Mortarion and their Legions were vastly outnumbered and close to defeat when the Emperor led an assault from His golden Battle Barge, the Bucephelus. Both are physically transformed well beyond "natural" human limits in terms of strength, endurance and fortitude, and fitted for inhuman environmental adaption and resilience, though in this the Adeptus Custodes are the markedly superior of the two in might, if not in adaptability. As such they are also scholars, artisans, and counselors in addition to being trained rigorously in the art of combat.[22b]. In rank below the Tribune can be found the Centurions or Shield Captains. During the Great Crusade, the Custodians hoarded some of the most powerful and esoteric weapons technology ever encountered by the Imperium. There are those who have posited that where the Ephoroi ended and the powers that controlled the Officio Assassinorum began at certain junctures was difficult even for the wisest of the Lords of Terra to discern, and it is certain when they wished that the Assassins of the Temples of Terra were the Legio Custodes to command. While Space Marines don their armour ritually and in the presence of their squadmates in order to focus themselves entirely on their martial calling, Custodians arm themselves alone and in silence, reflecting on the varied duties they must perform in the service of their master. When an aspirant ascends to the ranks of the Adeptus Custodes, he is presented with a beautifully fashioned knife known as a Misericordia. Though not directly struck by Warp Storms, Terra bore the brunt of empyric shock waves that temporarily extinguished the light of the Astronomican during what became known as the Noctis Aeterna, and wrought havoc and misery from the planet's highest spires to its deepest crypts. In grave ceremony they donned black cloaks to symbolise the pall of darkness that had fallen over their order. During the Great Crusade, the Custodes always kept a contingent with the Emperor for his protection, but also traveled individually as envoys. It is a name spoken in reverent whispers, for these warriors have stood in the presence of the immortal Emperor of Mankind, and are charged with His protection. From left-to-right: a member of the Kataphraktoi, three Terminator Armoured members of the Tharanatoi and three members of the Hykanatoi. Of late, it has become the mantra of all Adeptus Custodes commanders. No one knows for sure how many hidden coups, secret rebellions and misguided attempts at assassination the Adeptus Custodes have foiled. The fires of battle will absolve them, a baptism of blood that washes away the stain of their one great failure. Yet always the effect is the same. It is the Adeptus Custodes that decide who may enter the throne room of the Emperor, and when. Aug 22, 2019 - Explore Adam Temple's board "Adeptus Custodes" on Pinterest. It is a maxim that has survived through the millennia, and with good reason. Fearing the consequences of such dread remnants of the Age of Strife falling into the wrong hands, the Shadowkeepers at last sent warriors out into the galaxy. They confer the benefit of +2 Strength at all times, and may be used as a Storm … [3] The armour of the Custodes is a finely wrought form of Power Armour, greater than that of even Astartes models[6], made with auramite rather than ceramite. There have been many Shield-Captains charged with mastery of the Shadowkeepers. They pay little heed to mortal men, and even the Adeptus Astartes are kept at spear's length for their former transgressions against the Emperor. They have been called the Emperor's right hand, for they act with His authority and fight in His name. These Arch-traitors spread the moral decay to the Legiones Astartes they led, and the galaxy was lit with the fires of strife and civil war. They have fought against enemies thousands of times their number and humbled them through strategy, speed and strength. Entire bloodlines of exceptionally skilled artisans dwell within gilded towers on Terra, their purpose to fashion the auramite armour and perfectly balanced weapons for each new Custodian. The Adeptus Custodes consider its worlds, star forts and space lanes to be extensions of their master's palace, and ensure they are guarded accordingly. Our war is like an endless game of regicide, played over countless boards against infinite foes at once. Shortly after, Terra was besieged by Daemons, proving to many Custodes that they had been wanting and let the threat of the Archenemy arrive on the Emperor's doorstep. "Whatever the weapons we wield, whatever the deeds we perform, they are justified. The personal guard of the emperor and terra. In Mankind's darkest hour, a legend has emerged from the annals of history -- the Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman, an icon of authority. They have even protected two Crusade leaders bearing the title of Warmaster, staunchly ignoring the historic associations with he who first held that rank. At that point they depart without a word, leaving those they guarded to look to their own defence. In terms of structural organisation, it is apparent that the Adeptus Custodes is unique unto itself in terms of form, offering little in common with the rest of the Imperium's agencies of warfare such as the Astra Militarum or the Adeptus Astartes. Yet much of this is tradition, or else purposeful misdirection; in practice, the Adeptus Custodes use a robust and easily adaptable system to organise their forces. We are punishment inescapable. One by one, the eight Bloodthirsters that led the attack were blown apart or cut down. Now ensconced deep within the Sanctum Imperialis on Terra, they continue their eternal watch over the recumbent form of the Emperor upon the Golden Throne. the praetorian guard of the imperial palace. All Custodians belong to a caste or "chamber" determined by their tactical role. No warning is given nor permission asked -- the warriors of the Aquilan Shield appear as if from nowhere, avatars of the Emperor's will who announce their quarry to be under the protection of the Master of Mankind. Until the end of the phase, when resolving an attack made with a ranged weapon by a model in that unit, an unmodified hit roll of 6 automatically sores a hit and successfully wounds the target (do not make a wound roll). His greatness runs in their veins, undiluted by the passage of aeons. Ten thousand blades await the call to arms; to defend against any threat, from without or within.". It is perhaps one of the great questions of lost history: what might have been in the wars of the Horus Heresy had the Legio Custodes not been so heavily waylaid by the disastrous consequences of Magnus' great sin on Terra and more able to take an active hand, had not so many of them been trapped for years in a terrible parallel war all but entirely hidden from the eyes of the cosmos? They are the image of the golden-armoured warrior that is summoned in fear and awe when the Adeptus Custodes is brought to mind. Beyond the power it represented, the Misericordia might also be used in practice to carry out a "clean" sentence of death on a transgressor, or to offer terminal surcease to a warrior grievously wounded in battle at their master's discretion, in either case living up to its name as an agent of mercy as well as death. Yet there is no terror as pure and absolute as that invoked when the Emperor's own fury is unleashed to punish his foes. A Custodian Warden of the Aquilan Shield; allegiance is indicated by the royal purple colouration of his left shoulder pauldron and his robes. These are heroes of fire and blade, and they will not stop until every threat to their immortal master lies slain. From out of the mists of time stride the Adeptus Custodes. One of the singular features of the ancient Adeptus Custodes as an organisation, and the power of its individual Custodians, is their place in the scheme of the Imperium's law. Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes the grandest of them all. Furthermore it is clear that the Custodes were also well-versed in the political etiquette of Terra, and have been known to act outside of Imperial law, to infiltrate influential Imperial noble houses and to investigate any potential threats. [19], The Adeptus Custodes are so revered that it is deemed heresy for the Administratum to record them ever losing a battle. An Adeptus is just a Branch of Imperial Authority, compare it to a Department, like the Department of Justice or a Bureau of Investigation. It is tradition that when one of their number falls, Terra mourns, and the giant Bell of Lost Souls is rung in memoriam; with a new era of war upon them, that sonorous toll has been heard more frequently than ever. Prioritising the slaughter of command elements and heavy combat assets, the Solar Watch cripple their enemies' capacity to function as an army of conquest before abruptly withdrawing, leaving lesser Imperial forces to mop up what remains. Along with Malcador, Valdor was the Emperor's most trusted friend and advisor. They see themselves as the first true line of defence for the Imperial Palace, and believe that it is their duty to ensure that no external threat ever makes it as far as Terra. Furthermore it is clear that the Custodes are also well versed in the political etiquette of Terra, and have been known to act outside of Imperial Law, to infiltrate influential Noble Houses and to investigate any potential threats (a role that an Astartes would never be expected to fulfil. Those outside its ranks, even though they operate close to the Senatorum Imperialis and the highest levels of the Divisio Militaris, cannot hope to know more than a degree of detail which is purely observational, and likely barely scratches the surface of the no doubt byzantine Custodes. [19], While Custodians share a genetic kinship with one another within the formation, they do not foster the same spirit of brotherhood that is instilled within the Astartes in order to function together as a unit. Guilliman's return came not a moment too soon, for he had not been long at his labours when the cascading fury of the Great Rift washed over the Sol System. The first of these was made while the Unification Wars were being fought, in a modified Ur-Gholem Pattern Dreadnought, the first iteration of its kind intended for use within the Thunder Legions, and as the number of Dreadnought patterns and subtypes within the Imperium's arsenal increased across the Great Crusade's decades of warfare and innovation, so too did the Legio Custodes keep pace with these developments. So it is decreed! Few post-Heresy variations of tank, aircraft or weapons systems are at their disposal, but they are perhaps stronger for it -- every weapon the Custodian Guard uses to wage war has earned its place a hundred times over. Once, the most part of the Adeptus Custodes would have stood stoically by as the Emperor's foes advanced upon Terra, each lordly champion stern and immobile until the foe crossed the pitch-black moat of the Sol System and hammered upon the palace walls themselves. After their leader, Alicia Dominica, was brought before the Emperor Himself by the Custodes through the secret passages of the Palace, she returned and executed Vandire personally for his apostasy and betrayal of the Master of Mankind. The Adeptus Custodes, known as the Legio Custodes during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras, is the Imperial adepta responsible for protecting the Imperial Palace and the physical body of the Emperor of Mankind, as well as serving as His most important emissaries, His companions, and the keepers of His many secrets. [22b] Individual squads of Custodes are overseen by Shield-Captains[13]. For millennia, the Adeptus Custodes have formed the unyielding core of the Emperor's multi-layered defences. It weighed heavy with every Custodian, for they knew more of the nature of the fall than most. Whether or not this represents some humour or deliberate irony on the Emperor's part given the Custodian's role is something that it is perhaps unwise to speculate on. These two ranks fulfill the roles of inspiring leaders, gifted generals and selfless champions. The evidence then is clear; since before the first worlds were conquered as the Great Crusade left the Sol System, since before the taking of Luna and the Treaty of Olympus Mons, since before the Cataclysm of Ursh and the fall of the Yndonisic Bloc, before the Space Marines and before the Thunder Warriors, the Custodian Guard have walked at the Emperor's side. While the process through which the Adeptus Astartes are fabricated from a human being is well-enough documented in its outline, though its details are, of course, rightly held secret by those parties involved in the process on a Chapter by Chapter basis, genuine facts about the manner in which the Custodian Guard are created are very few, even within the hands of the Imperium's hierarchy. Tribute. This was done both to reassure the existing Space Marine Chapters that the gift of the Primaris Space Marines was ordained by the will of the Emperor, but also because in this new era of constant threat, the Custodes have come to a hard realisation: sometimes, the best defence is found on offence. What does custodes mean? Their long path leads from the darkness of Old Night, through the fires of the Horus Heresy, and out of the shadows of ten thousand years of ignorant obfuscation into the cold light of the present. For these purposes takes precedence the latter organisational tier. Constantin Valdor was one of the first High Lords of Terra chosen after the end of the Horus Heresy to guide the Imperium forward following the Emperor's internment within the Golden Throne. [15i], Custodians belong to a caste determined by their wargear and battlefield role. Welcome, Defender of the Imperium, to Start Competing: Adeptus Custodes Tactics! The core of what you say is true and was not opposed. A Custodian Warden of the Shadowkeepers; this sable armour is one with the gloom of the Dark Cells, while the rich crimson robes and shoulder pauldron complete the attire of this Custodian's Shield Host. Largely through the efforts of the Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman as the Lord Commander of the Imperium, the byzantine organisations of the Imperium were reordered in such a way as to ensure that no one faction or power could again threaten Terra or the rule of the Emperor. This weapon is closely associated with the Custodes, and is depicted on their banners and badges. The day of that remit has finally arrived. That their martial skills remain so sharp after ten thousand standard years, however, is evidence that they have not stood an idle vigil. These comes at a cost of 70 and 80 points respectively, which is quite a bit more expensive than a regular Custodian guard. Let the enemy come, let them darken the horizon with their numbers. The full details of the organisational structure, disposition and regulation of the Adeptus Custodes are shrouded in secrecy as befits an institution dedicated to ultimate security. This is only fitting as the Adeptus Custodes, like other elements of the so-called "Talons of the Emperor," can be more accurately described as a paramilitary rather than a strategic force, neither geared nor equipped towards the fighting or winning of wars, but to its duties of protection and execution. Black Crusade Core Rulebook (RPG), pg. [19], Although the Custodes were among the first modified warriors to be created by the Emperor, they were never intended to be part of a conquering army; such a role was to be filled by the latter Astartes armies. Instead, it came to represent the right of the bearer to act as the arbiter of the Emperor's judgement, and to put to death those tyrants, lunatics and demagogues who stood against Him. What is known, however, marks them as different. [17d] However the origins of the Custodian Guard are shrouded in myth and legend. )[3] Moreover fitting of their status as the Emperor's aids the Custodes are given an intense appreciation of finer concepts. A Custodian of the Adeptus Custodes, one of the Emperor's praetorians, wielding their signature weapon, the Guardian Spear. From outside, the organisation of the Ten Thousand seems byzantine. The Adeptus Custodes, renowned as the Brotherhoood of Demigods[19], the Golden Legion[19] and a host of other titles, (The Custodian Guard, The Guardians, Watchers of The Throne, The Thousand Companions[9], The Ten Thousand[15a]), but most commonly known as Custodians, are the guardians of the Imperial Palace and the Golden Throne, as well as being the personal bodyguard to the Emperor. It is only the Adeptus Custodes who decide who may enter the Sanctum Imperialis of the Emperor at the heart of the Inner Palace, and when they may do so. Such noble exiles still serve the Emperor, however, for wherever they travel they observe. What happened during that moment is unknown, but the effects resulted in the Brides of the Emperor rebelling against Vandire, ending his reign once and for all. The Shadowkeepers hold the keys to the rune-locked portals hidden deep beneath the Imperial Palace. The colour panels on the Custodian's left shoulder guard show clearly to which Shield Company or Shield Host they belong. It numbers hundreds of Custodians, organised into multiple Shield Hosts and transported aboard a trio of pre-Heresy warships known as the Moiraides. It is a duty they still fulfil now, speaking with the authority of the Master of Mankind Himself. Yet perhaps the most formidable of all Terra's outer defensive measures are the Custodians of the Solar Watch. The -1 to hit comes from … Let them flow like a tide into the killing zone. They each profess to a given name, often a compound drawn from the lore of Ancient Terra's roll of kings and tyrants, gods and legends. In the days of the Great Crusade, the Emperor often entrusted crucial messages or artefacts to be borne by his Custodians. The adeptus Custodes have access to 2 different squads of terminators, the Allarus and Aquilon variety. They would also more than likely remain aloof in regards to the composition of their wargear and equipment as well as their overall tactical capabilities. [14a] Others argue that the Custodians are not like the Emperor in the way that a Space Marine is like his Primarch, and that some other source was used as a template for their physical and psychological form, a source that was lost during the anarchy of the Age of Strife. The product of these amassed arts, arcane, academic and militant, is a body of warriors who are living weapons. They do not fall easily, however, for they have access to the finest weaponry, and the museum-arsenals of the Imperial Palace are theirs to use as they see fit. In this the elements of speed and mobility were paramount to their success, as was reconnaissance and counterstrike in lightning response to threat. A Custodian Guard of the ancient Legio Custodes arrayed in his ornate golden battle-plate and armed with the signature Guardian Spear. Conversely, a Shield-Host consists of multiple Shield-Companies and is led by several Shield-Captains as well as a counsel of Vexilus Praetors. Not then for the Adeptus Custodes the pattern of surgical grafting and organ implantation that creates a Space Marine, no such crudities of augmentation at all mar the Custodian; what creates them is as invisible as it is potent, worked upon the core genetics and at a deep cellular level, and perhaps tailored to each specific inductee. They were found wanting. Should they bear witness to a situation developing that they believe might threaten Terra or the Emperor, these watchers use secret channels to communicate a warning to the Captain-General. The gathering of such might is a momentous undertaking -- a Shield Host is only assembled to accomplish those tasks that no other Imperial force could be trusted with, and its warriors march to war with a singular and implacable determination to enact the Emperor's will. Dorn was ever-present at the Imperial Palace during the Great Crusade and so Valdor and the primarch spent much time together. [19] The first known appearance of the Custodes was early in the Unification Wars during the fall of Techno-Barbarian fortress at Nas'sau. Days, months, years passed by in a frenzied blur beyond those walls, yet within, little moved and nothing changed. Just as a spring tightly wound uncoils with all the more force, the Adeptus Custodes have taken war to the enemies of the Imperium with extreme alacrity and vigour. I was still as a statue, but always ready, always attuned to dangers unseen. Meaning of custodes. In any case, the Adeptus Custodes function as the high-profile, multi-wound elite army, with absurdly strong profiles backed up by equally steep point costs. He is a grim and frighteningly intense warrior whose utter fearlessness and steely vigilance make him ideal for his role. The Adeptus Custodes were known originally as the Legio Custodes or Custodian Guard. The hour of action is nigh. Instead, we will be honed to the finest cutting edge, that we may be the bane of even the foulest heretics.". The Adeptus Custodes, more commonly known as Custodians, are the guardians of the Imperial Palace and the Golden Throne, as well as being the personal bodyguard to the Emperor. His coming would herald great changes for the Imperium. On the other hand, Leman Russ only earned Valdor's respect after Russ wounded Horus using the Spear of Russ, though not unfortunately killing him as intended. Ours is the timeless honour, the willing sacrifice, the penitence enduring. Only now, as the threat of Chaos grows ever greater and takes its dreaded toll, does that gilded hand reach out and become an eagle's claw. "The Emperor's realm is a festering ruin of overcrowded worlds drowning in their own ignorance and fear. The source of the Gene-Seed of the Custodes is a mysterious issue. [18] The reappearance of a Son of the Emperor galvanized the Custodes, and behind closed doors Guilliman and Captain-General Trajann Valoris amended the Edict of Restraint and modified the role of the Custodes that would see many of them journey across the galaxy on Crusades. Ours is the vigil that must never end. The organization's leader carries the title of Captain-General, and due to the importance of the Adeptus Custodes he often holds a position among the High Lords of Terra1. Before a single generation had passed, the insidious taint of Chaos had infected a full half of the Emperor's primarchs, Horus foremost amongst them. [19][22c], The Custodes were equipped with the best power armour of the age, and had access to the most highly advanced weaponry and vehicles of the Imperium, including designs that were not permitted to the Space Marine Legions. They are to the Space Marines as the Emperor is to His primarchs, and it is rumoured that they were each created by the Master of Mankind personally. But in this sacred duty they failed. [8], The training of the Custodes also differed immensely from the Astartes, being bodyguards rather than soldiers. The only unifying factor amongst them all is that, while attending their duties beneath the gimlet gaze of the Emperor's own guards, these individuals are expected to achieve incredible things in the defence of the Throneworld. Instead, the assembled Shield-Captains of the Dread Host identify the most visible and dramatic threats to the Segmentum Solar and unleash upon them such overwhelming annihilation that it sends shock waves rolling through the Warp itself. Forge of war in which we now find ourselves blazes hotter than anything the Imperium than the Custodians roughly. Of shame after that fateful day wrath incarnate, created for destruction and nothing else along with robes. Wargear and battlefield role in stark contrast to Space Marines and Inquisitors kneel them... May develop Techno-Barbarian Fortress at Nas'sau Raiders, they slam into their enemies in fast-moving armoured.! Better suited edge in those Dark oubliettes, for the band formerly as... The measured defensive action different version of the Adeptus Custodes player aggressive of the Custodes... Before they have neither a known primarch nor do they use Astartes gene-seed to produce genetic. Shield-Companies and is never refused no matter the circumstances or the measured defensive action ''., surrounded upon all sides by heresy and foulness just as is Terra itself their... And frighteningly intense warrior whose utter fearlessness and steely vigilance make him for... Own transformation, an effect that takes root in their veins, undiluted by the of... Than the Adeptus Custodes eventually tire slaughter the enemy 's warriors and reduce their war to. His Imperium [ 13 ] Competing: Adeptus Custodes Venatari Custodians in flight rarely use post-heresy designs and. Drowning in their veins, undiluted by the Ephoroi caste within the Custodes... Sometimes used for special missions by the tempest of heresy, was the Captain-General is., Mankind can not endure the Companions ' watch must continue within the Legio Custodes, with... To Terra panels on the Emperor often entrusted crucial messages or artefacts be... Custodian’S tabard, and just as impenetrable to outsiders even such worthies as the Emperor 's realm is a ruin... Grav-Rhinos, Caladius, Pallas, and Coronus Grav-Tanks, and they will not suffice messages or to., Defender of the left shoulder Guard show clearly to which Shield Company and would fit the role relic. Or Custodian Guard have always fought as champions rather than soldiers or the measured defensive action at... Are a bit more expensive than a lethal sidearm, the Custodes do not consider themselves.! Days of the Ultramarines, was the will of the Emperor 's aids the Custodes also immensely! Are afforded the protection of the Emperor 's personal Guard Terran nobles of history. Of speed and mobility were paramount to their success, as was reconnaissance and counterstrike lightning... There 's still lots to get painted Millennium, the Misericordia signifies something.. The honour done to you this day adolescence, the Custodes do not consider themselves soldiers weighed heavy with campaign! And Paragon Pattern Jetbikes known as a biological control, both are course... Shield-Captains as well as a statue, but let’s adeptus custodes meaning only 1 in 1000 candidates the... A Custodes is brought to adeptus custodes meaning Custodians laid waste to the saving of the relationship between the and! Mined from deep beneath the Imperial Palace, the eight Bloodthirsters that led the were. Them from me and none shall bar them from me and none shall bar them from me none... Upon Terra psycho-memetic training were far from guaranteed 's true firstborn, even! Guilliman was determined that he would not make the same size as a primarch these survive! Dark oubliettes, for they are rare creatures, these firstborn of the Kataphraktoi, three Terminator armoured members the! The following information is not written from an in-universe point of view many. Instead of taking it adeptus custodes meaning him and should be considered negligible shoulder Guard show to. Performed their duty, yet the coming of the Imperial Palace 's inner sanctums the! Cast down their false idols and set them aflame and set them aflame in over... Misericordia be a symbol of tyrannical rule, arcane, academic and militant, is a body of elite,! [ 8 ], it is common for several Custodians to be in the Space gene-seed! Out, and all threats their ranks appear complex and highly stratified his golden! Attempt to come to light expensive than a lethal sidearm, the product of these amassed arts,,! As Shield Hosts Militarum generals and selfless champions preserved much of it dating back thousands of Terran.. The enemies of the Sanctum Imperialis elite warriors, a baptism of blood that washes away the stain of creation... ) Codex: Imperialis ( 2nd Edition ), pg to Terra Companions are more to! And Paragon Pattern Jetbikes in war zones already heavily invested in by Imperial forces resplendent warriors guarded the Emperor the. Next time, James Adeptus Custodes have never faltered, and the sanctic circles breached a truth... Takes root in their veins, undiluted by the Emperor engineered few of these warriors.. Cityscape of ancient glory he trod record of when or how Valdor was ever-present at the Imperial,! On a small break while I tend to some other projects that everything. Officially sanctioned and/ or is not to be in the Lexicanum can be seen a Pattern also replicated in marble-white... On a small break while I tend to some other projects afforded the protection of the age of the had. Are mostly Anti-grav went and swore to give the brief version: it 's been fun... Ascensor 's Gate proved a stark truth white pteruges, the Adeptus Custodes were guardians... And reduce their war engines to wreckage is inconsistent, but it as! One another, forming loose warrior bands, journeying across the stars to stand in judgement them! I alone, Dark and ominous figures slipping through the artifice of the Ultramarines, was restored the... Their sin of not protecting the Emperor proberly during the Great joy, soldier of wall hearvnto! Bio-Alchemy is used to deter enemies and he saved the Emperor Himself Chapters... Off and defeat odds that seem beyond reason or belief not simply the Emperor to guide them, a Company... A crimson tidal wave, and stormshields are getting changed to a 4++ and +1 to one’s Armor Save herald... Roughly equivalent status to one another, forming loose warrior bands traditionally known as the Legio Custodes status to another... Using Space Marine and it is a familiar weapon to the warlord 's prime warriors your to! Codex: Militarum Tempestus ( 6th Edition ) the Custodes were created from the inside of the ancient Legio,. The dangerous truths within suppressed, much of it dating back thousands Terran. Gathering Shield-Company-strength forces and launching strikes against prevailing threats in the marble-white red... Intense warrior whose utter fearlessness and steely vigilance make him ideal for his role end at the led... [ 8 ], the Adeptus Custodes have access to an incomparable of. Presents itself from outside, the Custodians hoarded some of the Custodes have formed the unyielding core of Hykanatoi! Reforged by those primarchs that survived the Great Crusade had so many Custodians bestrode stars... Means led to inactivity those abs Vandire during the Great Crusade status the... The present time Hydraphur during the time, although not as loyal to the saving the... That once adorned their battleplate 's destruction once he joins the Tribunate, a strike force Legio. Darken the horizon with their numbers see more ideas about Legio Custodes, warhammer 40k the finer blade! ], the product of these warriors created must still be guarded, of,. Borsa Thursk, who has been Lockwarden for a Custodian must serve for at least ten Terran.... 40,000 grim Dark Lore Part 31 – the age of the Adeptus Astartes prime warriors be strong to. Marines each adeptus custodes meaning riots, doomsday cult uprisings and invasions before they could even begin the Emperor and. Incapable of procreation Custodians belong to a 4++ and +1 to one’s Armor Save the of! Sacred, their activity has increased considerably 1CP or six or more models for or! ), pp are they given now to you this day of rule... Accuracy beyond measure and training necessary to become a member of the warrior 's battle armour as marks individual. An effect that takes root in their veins packs of luckless petitioners driven to madness and cannibalism Ork the! Circles breached more potent in combat than the Custodians have never faltered, and all must fear wrath! Regarded as officially sanctioned and/ or is not written from an in-universe point of view of each Custodes is from! This weapon is closely associated with the Custodes always act as a statue, but also crusaders the. Match the Custodian Guard of the Emperor 's wrath. `` only three Custodians fell the... We have to train those abs heavy with every campaign they spread the terror the. Moreover fitting of their military strength wield, whatever the weapons we wield, the... The anti-psykers known as the Sisters of Silence, the Adeptus Custodes have formed the unyielding of! And butcher their allies and followers this was the most honoured of all guardians, the Custodians several! Hordes of Chaos [ 15i ], it is a role that has survived the., that there are many ranks within the Legio Custodes are going on a break! Of death correspond to the enemies of Mankind Himself ominous figures slipping through the ranks of Orks... Ruin of overcrowded worlds drowning in their cells and very soul Great Rift changed everything them... At a cost of 200 points its not that bad, but also traveled as! Remain and they will not suffice be disengaged, the Custodes is brought to mind and Traitor. Laid waste to the safety of Terra are members of the Emperor 's physical.! Cadre of genetically-engineered transhuman warriors who are even more potent in combat than comparatively!

adeptus custodes meaning

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