I bought a poinsettia last december. I am obviously doing something right, but I don’t want to destroy all my hard work, by cutting it back, which it should have done in march. Good luck! Oh, I live in Virginia and my favorite plant lives outside ’til frost comes. I had success last year with the same plant which was smaller but thought l would see more color by now. I would give it a try. In this video I talk about my Poinsettia which is finally turning red just in time for Christmas. I don’t let the plant get leggy, but by trimming about 1/3 of the leaves, and placing it in partial shade usually results in larger leaves. Thanks for your question and please do keep us posted. Should I be concerned that if the plant turns red and I stop the 14/10 hour dark/light cycle, will it revert back to green? I PUT MY POINTSETTA OUTSIDE IN THE SUMMER ( I LIVE IN ILLINOIS) IT GREW BIG AND BEAUTIFUL BUT WHEN I DUG IT UP IT WILTED AND LOOKS TERRIBLE! I would wait a bit either way and let the plants acclimate to their new environment first. It was late blooming this year as I was away in October and November last year and it turned red in February as a result. Hi, can you please tell me the best way to get my golden poinsettia tree back to life. Just make sure you keep it watered so it doesn’t try completely out. We have been putting our pointsettia in light during the day for about 8 hours and in a box for the rest of the day/night. If it were me and you’re going for red leaves, I’d put the plant in a box before you leave work for the weekend to make sure it has total darkness. I manage to keep my poinsettia alive since December. When new shoots grow 3 to 4 inches long, use your fingers to pinch off the top 1 inch of each stem, leaving four or five leaves. Bring it out again in the morning. I gave them a little bit of miracle grow about 1 1/2 weeks ago. My question: I’m afraid I’ll forget my plant if I have to move it to a dark spot every day and then move it back to light. Even a nightlight can disrupt this process! I’ve read most of the comments; but my question is when is the best time of year to repot a poinsettia? If you are digging up from the ground, I’d repot after summer and with enough time before you bring it back inside, so that it has time to acclimate to its new home in a pot. If you don’t put the plant somewhere for 14 hours where there is NO light, than you might not get red leaves. To keep the poinsettia in bloom as long as possible, maintain a temperature of 65 to 75 F during the day. Perhaps a reader will offer suggestions on how to make this happen. When you say “all of a sudden” it makes me think it was the result of something, like the Miracle Gro. Some varieties have bracts that change from a deep green to a brighter or lighter green, pink, white, and a few other variations. And, do you think I need to tie the bottom of the bag? I have never pruned them, but reading all this advice, maybe I should. I open the windows when home and when winter kicks in, I open the windows more to expose it to cold air; thinking that helps. And I’m not sure if you can do anything now to change the leaf color in spring. Thank you for the advice!! I’ve never pruned it or reported it. HEY JOE , I got her last November & she was full till June. I’ll list a few that come to mind in no particular order. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Also, it needs to be in mostly shade for the first week or so as it adapts to being removed from it’s in-ground location and losing roots. Paul, your poinsettia needs total darkness cycles. Let us know what happens. I WANTED TO KNOW SINCE I CANT MOVE IT SOMEWHERE FOR TOTAL DARKNESS.IS PUTTING A BOX OVER IT CAN THAT HELP ME OUT HERE WITH SOME HOLES MABYE. This process, in response to certain amounts of light or lack thereof, turns the leaves from green to red (or pink, white, and other shade variations). There is some light down there. I water them only when quite dry. John. I have tried to force poinsettias red, in the past. Since our winter is so cold this year, I just relocated them temporarily, away from the window, as their leaves were curling a bit. Good luck. At this point, there are a lot of red leaves and the new leaves coming in are red. Hi everyone I thought the red would start showing in about 4 weeks, not 3 days! I don’t know if you’ve planted it in the ground Zenda or your just want to bump it up to a bigger pot. If so, we should be finding out soon enough. IAM A NEW YORKER HERE AND I GOT A POINSETTA FROM A CLIENT AND ITS SITTING IN MY WINDOW AT WORK AND GOING STRONG SINCE CHRISTMAS OF 2015. My guess is they will, just like poinsettias out in their native Mexico. If it were me, I would conduct an experiment at this point. Pruning stimulates new growth. Should I cut the whole thing back to four to six inches and start over or just let it go the way it is? My Poinsettia has developed dark edges around the red leaves. Also, the plant might be pot bound. It starts to turn red in December and will stay red until May/June. Is that what’s keeping the change from happening, or do I just need to wait longer? About half of the small stems connecting leaves to the branches have turned red, but that’s it- no red on the leaves at all. very workable solution worth sharing with others looking for ways to get their poinsettias to rebloom. Works like a charm. I would love to see the comparison if you kept only one covered going forward to continue the experiment vs. one that you now just leave alone. I’d try it Jennifer. If your poinsettia is dropping its leaves, there may be a number of factors to blame. When we sold the house in 2003, the base of the plant was 11″ in diameter and it was 6 feet tall. Not sure if this is better or worse. And the edges around few green ones are drying. Nothing out of the ordinary, that is, until this year! They were in partial sun all summer, but it was a very hot and humid summer here in the northeast. Many people wonder what makes poinsettias turn red. Just waiting to put in the dark. David, it may be time for potting up your plant. It has become very leggy and woody, with leaves only at the top. In order to produce vibrantly colored bracts (or leaves) after a dormant period, your poinsettia will need to spend 12-14 hours a night in total darkness between September and November. Yes. Site design by Hibiscus Creative. At this point, forget the fertilizer, keep the soil barely moist and don’t worry if the leaves don’t look great for now. Sign up for our newsletter or blog, and updates on new episodes, videos and more! LORI, DID EVERYTHING WORK OUT????? Joe does the temperature matter while the plant is in darkness? i’m thinking the plastic will help keep the humidity as well. The poinsettia is the canary in the coalmine of houseplants when it comes to carbon monoxide (CO), an odorless, tasteless toxic gas, reacting well before humans show the slightest symptom. Q I have a large poinsettia with plenty of fresh green leaves. . Thanks for any advice you can provide. Since you are recommending that a poinsettia can be put in the ground, which US zone does the poinsettia grow best in? Best of luck. If you are turning the plant earlier, just remember that you need a few months to turn it red. May the light green is better and its not getting enough light? Water and medium shade (and keep out of direct afternoon sun) are key until it recovers over a week to 10 days at least. Water as necessary to keep soil moist but not soggy. Place the poinsettia in a dark place for about 14 hours a night, starting in early fall. Should I stop and give my plants time to readjust and expand their leaves? I started covering the poinsettia with a thick black garbage bag inside the closet. I live in eastern Tennessee. But I wouldn’t worry about pruning them yet. never bloomed again but it sure grew big! I do not force any special light or darkness on them and they regularly drop their red leaves by June/July, making way for new bright green ones, and the new red fill in about October/November. I put the plant in a dark closest that is not used with a black plastic bag. Good luck. I have procrastinated on learning how to get the leaves red again, and bummed that they won’t be red for christmas. Then you can plant outside or keep in a pot and bring it back in next fall. Thanks Joe. So getting into a schedule is important. Now, the other two are turning red. We just moved it to a larger pot with new dirt, and its very happy and growing new green leaves. Copyright 2020 The Joe Gardener Company, All Rights Reserved. Over-watering a Poinsettia Plant causes green leaves to fall off, leaving the bare stems topped by a few colorful bracts that you seem to have. Good luck Tracy. Any advice? Is it too late to do any of this to be ready to turn green by Christmas? We are enjoying them and I have been posting pictures on Instagram and on facebook for my friends and family. The window is pretty cold in the winter and they virtually bake in it in the summer. https://www.growingagreenerworld.com/restoring-a-poinsettia-to-its-christmas-color/, https://www.growingagreenerworld.com/turning-poinsettias-red-again/. . If there is a layer of yellow pollen covering the flowers, this means that the plant is more mature and will not last as long. Best of luck. This my first year using this method and I set the timer so that the light would be on for 9 hours and was careful to only check on the plants when the light was on. How important is humidity during the dark process? I’m sure your poinsettia would prefer that anyway! You can then replant in the garden in a sunny spot. Don’t think so Nancy. Hi, I have a three year old poinsettia that has never been trimmed, puned, or pinched. Sign up for our newsletter. Remove it from its existing pot and check the roots. I’m curious to know if there is any color change with no intervention by you at all. Defoliation and plant death follow. She had it in the house all the time! Love the article — learn something new everyday! Mine is getting red on its own, slowly though but that’s ok. This is why I persuaded my husband to build a special box that I could hang grow lights from and cover the top of the box so that it is in complete darkness when the light is off. The Poinsettia Leaves Are Curling & Turning Yellow ... Diseases can also cause the leaves of a poinsettia to turn yellow or brown and curl up. Any light leaks can break the cycle and your efforts to turn leaves red can fail. can I use a florescent light during the time I am trying to get it to turn red again for there is some sunshine that comes through but mostly in evening I manage every thing but giving it the prouper lighting any suggestions will be ablige. I have a red poinsettia , which I bought in December 2014. I’m going on holiday for just a week but am not sure if my poinsettia plant is going to be ok whilst I’m away? I have been covering each plant with a light proof trash bag every night for 5 weeks, 14 hours a day – I’ve been using trash bags because the plants are too big for boxes. Bacterial Stem Rot: Cuttings develop a soft rot at the base which moves upward quickly and kills the cutting. Green, red, and yellow are the natural colors of the poinsettia plant. But August is too early if you’re wanting red leaves for the holidays Kristan. Poinsettia grows in the wild in Mexico where it easily caps off at six feet (two meters) tall. IT HAS MULTIPLIED IN SIZE AND IS VERY GREEN. I am beginning to get worried for the plant as the bags are starting to cause the leaves on the plant to grow impacted. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time. Thanks Joe! Mine is by patio door probably to much light. The leaves are wilted and limp. I got this plant from my mom, It is real healthy and is all green. Or do I need to bring it out each day? AFTER JANUARY I PLANTED IT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE IN A SEMI SHADED AREA. Eventually, the green leaves fall, too. Eventually nothing is left to feed the plant until you add it back with fertilizer. Still very healthy. Just trying to figure out how tightly I have to monitor this in case ‘life’ gets in the way! Have I understood correctly that after the red blooms fall off, I am to cut each stem down a bit? You need total darkness for a consistent period each day. Is it unusual for the white bracts to be still in place – only one or two of the leaves have dropped to date. Also, once they’re fully red, can you break the cycle? But I plan to keep going until the end if December. [2] Thank you. I’ve read that a few places, but not in others. My plant is in week four of 14 hours of darkness and only one small leaf is beginning to turn red. Honestly Gravy, your plants are doing what they’re supposed to do. You are a person after my own heart. When you say “bloom” I assume you are talking about turning the leaves red. I truly love this plant, every day in the light and seeing the red, brings a new view. c/o The Joe Gardener Company I didn’t pay much attention, but a few weeks later the plant now has many fewer leaves but four of the sets of leaves nearest the window have turned red! Please tell me the correct pronunciation for Poinsettia. Hi Chris. It as only 8″ tall. I have heard it pronounced by newscasters, private individuals, nurserymen…all differently. Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) need total darkness, for 14 hours each day, starting about eight weeks before you want to display them. Best of luck. Good luck. did you follow the guidelines for the light/dark timing? Good luck! Poinsett was the first U.S. Mine is starting to turn red so I will a beautiful red plant for Valentine’s day! Hi Martha. Cheers! Yes, please do keep us posted. Hi Karen. They’ll stay this way for several weeks, at least until after Christmas. Sounds like you have the perfect house plants. The most important thing when trying to to turn your poinsettias red again is the darkness. When you say the plant needs a humid environment during the day, can I put it on a window sill in a centrally heated room. I’m not sure where you live but I think you will have time if you prune your poinsettias now. Also, if you transplant and cut back, keep it out of all day direct sun for a couple weeks. Thanks for any help or advice you can give. I water it every 4-6 days. I’m afraid I don’t have a good suggestion for you by leaving it outside. If you do as I suggest, then pruning out new shoots in July would be ok, but keep in mind the red leaves you are after are just that, leaves. I have done NOTHING to them but water them. I’ve not heard of this happening like this so quickly Heidi. Advice? At night, however, poinsettia plants must not receive any light for at least 12 hours. I am so excited! Thanks, It gets dark in my living room so I didn’t move it. Celebrate your success or good fortune, and know that many people reading this will be jealous! Please report back whatever you do. Thank you. I live in Upcountry Maui and the Poinsettias always seem to thrive here. It’s in a clay pot, that I think it’s time to get it a large pot. You need a good head start. It is indeed a lot of work to turn the leaves red. Crops like poinsettia are prone to whitefly infestations, so scouting for adults, nymphs and damage is worthwhile. I did none so far and it is looking like a little tree now, with no leaves on the bottom ten inches or so of stalks. Thank you for the answer to my question. The only other thing I can suggest, and you’re likely already doing this, is to make sure they are getting plenty of darkness through the night time. I always say that plants don’t read the books! I there an explanation as to why I have poinsettias turning red….on their own????? But at this point you could keep the experiment going to find out, and then you can let us all know, or settle for what you have now. Half the leaves are red and it’s starting to sprawl a bit. To correct the problem, you would need to break up the root pattern and repot in a slightly larger container. My question, if I keep repotting them, will they just get bigger? Also, you’ll need to keep it watered as indoor environments can be very dry. give it a try and let us know how it works out. I wonder if they’ll adjust and behave for the holidays. Place a black fabric bag or cardboard box over the plant every evening at sundown. I also think you need to cut the plant back a bit to rejuvenate it. If I remember to. They both fill up the window that is their year round home, which baffles me. I would wait until February or early March to cut it back. Celebrate the fact that your plant is growing tremendously. Is this normal? On my overnights away, do you think it best for me to leave the plant in total darkness (covered by the box) – maybe 48 hours – or is it best for me to leave the plan uncovered and start covering it again when I get home? The research I’ve done shows that I need to keep it moist and do the 14-10 that you guys have been doing as well. But I don’t know for sure. I am in Jamaica and have two poinsettias I bought last year. However last Saturday I returned after 3 days and both plants have a few red leaves!!! Top Questions About Poinsettia Plants. I have been going through all the comments and have learned a lot. Any thoughts? Kerry, Hi, I was wondering if the leaves turn dark green or light green before turning red. Best of luck. Nutrients are depleted a little more with every watering. I am really confused by this thing. Hi my name is brittany and i have a poinseta i got him December 2012 he is now 3 years old i had to repot him 3 different times in the last 3 years he has a tree root and early 2013 he died completely but i brought him back from the dead now hes 3 years old and still growing and living i never gave up on him. So Melvin, is this the first year in the containers? The small yellow flowers are found in the center of the leaf branches. Once it warms up where you live, prune back the broken leaves in early spring and let nature take its course. Help! Give it a try. I brought it inside in the beginning of October and started the 12 and 12, light and dark. My grandparents built there house in San Clemente CA back in 1951. My fear is that at this point, your plant may drop most of its leaves, which is not what you want. This pruning or shaping of your tree should start around May by cutting the whole top of your tree down to your 10″ leave-less trunk, unless you can already see some nice branches that are good to form into a nice tree. All the branches died I was going out of town for the holidays, so I didn’t complete the eighth week, sorry! I have three poinsettias: a 1 year old, a 2 year old, and a 3 year old. Very leggy plants tell me it needs more light. Lastly, after you’ve reviewed the previous issues, add some liquid fertilizer at half strength, and do so every 2 weeks. In order to get a poinsettia plant to turn red, you need to eliminate its light. Types Of Poinsettia Plants: Choosing Different Poinsettia Varieties, Poinsettia Care - How Do You Take Care Of Poinsettias, Poinsettia Care Following Christmas: What To Do With Poinsettias After Holidays, Homemade Gifts For Gardeners – DIY Garden Presents Anyone Can Make, Regional To-Do List: December Gardening In The Northeast, Holiday Garden Baskets: How To Make Christmas Hanging Baskets, Poinsettia Care – How Do You Take Care Of Poinsettias, Christmas Tree Care: Caring For A Live Christmas Tree In Your Home, Tips For Pruning Hibiscus Plants & When To Prune Hibiscus, Diseases Of Holly Bushes: Pests And Diseases Damaging Holly Bushes, Recipes From The Garden: Pressure Cooking Root Vegetables, Gratitude For The Garden – Being Grateful For Each Growing Season, 7 Reasons To Do Your Garden Shopping Locally, Thankful Beyond Words – What Represents Gratefulness In My Garden. Add a light amount of fertilizer in the spring and summer. If the branches are broken, then I would simply focus on keeping it alive and not putting it in the closet at night to force red leaves. 1) My poinsettia leaves are a half of original one( I replanted the one I bought last year). Congratulations on keeping your poinsettia alive. Finally, choose a plant with as many coloured flower bracts as possible. However, if you added the fertilizer after the browning curled leaves, it was that the soil was too dry. I planted my December 2015 poinsettia in a large pot and it has grown and done well this year. This has being going on for at least 4 weeks or more. I live in Kansas City. I’m giving the 14/10 method a go this year. I will keep you apprised of the outcome. Thank you for all of your wonderful work and advice. We are now getting our second — and in some cases, third sets — of colored leaves. I have a poinsettia that has been beautiful, putting in closet at night and doing what I am suppose to, but one of the branches has broken and I don’t know what to do. When you do, break up the roots so they’re not all tightly wound in a circular pattern and use a high-quality “potting soil” or “container mix” when you transfer the plant to the new pot. One red and the other white. The leaves are getting very ratty and now when it loses leaves none grow back. Thank you! Lessee, that was 2008 and I have tried many times to propagate the thing, each effort either getting squashed by a falling box in a move or just “failing to thrive”. plz do let me know.. Advice please I never have a problem getting poinsettias to turn red again and I don’t do anything to it (as far as putting it in the closet). It will make such a great comparison and learning opportunity. If the latter, I’d do that after the holidays. That’s why your leaves are dropping off now. My plant has been in full sun for all these years. from the old leaves there’s only one left now, all the rest is new leaves that are dense but small in size. so if you’re after the fullest plant, I would allow the new shoots to come on as well so you have more branching and leaves that will turn red in time for Christmas. Thanks for the info on turning the leaves red again. EXPERTS. DO I STILL HAVE TO COVER IT FOR 12 HOURS OR WILL IT TURN RED BY ITSELF. Thanks. Can I still put them in a closet? But once it is, you’re good to go through and beyond the holidays. Thanks Paul and I’m rooting for you! What am I doing wrong? I’m looking forward to this challenge (and bragging rights!). Bought a new pot and brought it back into the office where it sits on a windowsill, and it has gone bananas! It’s now about 2 ft tall and 3 ft across with a dense crown of leaves. Based in Dublin ireland, we have 4 poinsettias since Christmas that still have their white bracts in place. My concern is that if you try, and then when it’s time to remove the tape, I think it’s very likely it will damage the leaves. We have been light monitoring our poinsettia, from last year about, for five weeks (we should have started sooner, but we are newbies to reblooming, and are none-the-less very excited for the success we are seeing). If you are looking for a bit more red at that point, try going a little longer with the darkness. It’s cute, though! The water needs of a poinsettia can be determined with your finger. Several barely survived the pressure washing company’s strong chemicals. I would place them outdoors in a container or in ground and keep an eye on them. How can I keep them red? But make sure it has enough sun too. I TRYED DOING THIS ONE OTHER TIME AND IT DID THE SAME THING WHAT AM I DOING WRONT??? Check with your local cooperative extension service for more information. I’m assuming you also live in an area that stays warm enough for your poinsettias to stay outside all year. I’m sorry I’m late in responding to your question. When you deprive the plant in its full leafing stage of light, the only chlorophyll used to turn the leaves green cannot be produced. Thanks Melvin. Pruning it is up to you John. Wait until the plant leaves get a little soft and droopy before watering. They will fall off on their own if they’re no longer productive to the plant. While they don’t look exactly like what you get in the stores, I am really happy with the results. Additionally, poor nutrition or insufficient light can be at fault. You’ve likely heard the expression; “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. I have a plant out front in orlando i just coverd it with a box cutting all light out do i have to take the box off during the day? This is such a wonderful option for those of us who hate to throw away healthy plants only because they won’t “rebloom.”. Mary, Days are getting longer and you can’t give it the environment it needs to change outside. Some of the new leaves are turning red (only half of the leaf), some times it seems the leaves are very light green so if we keep it in the box for a day they get a very nice dark green . During the spring and summer you can keep it outside after the fear of frost has passed and temperatures at night are 50 degrees or warmer. Once this occurs, cut the stems back to four to six inches. But what you did is so much more interesting. Also look for shiny, sticky honeydew on leaves. Use a closet or place a dark bag over the plant. Lesions on leaves … You can keep it as a houseplant if you provide it sufficient light. I bought 2 poinsettias at Christmas-time last year. Just let mother nature handle it as the days get shorter it automatically triggers blooming as long as you do not have strong artificial light on at night. Prevention After five days! rather than bring them indoors from the porch (where they make a lovely splash of bright green) can I just cover them at night with a blanket? The rest of the plant has dense, green leaves. After New Year, I put them in a big bay window to die, as I am not good with plants, nor did I care to have such a responsibility. I’d say enjoy it as is and tackle this project with a smaller plant in October. In severe cases, leaves become extremely misshapen. A sunny window is best as long as there are no drafts. (early, not sure when you started the dark light program?) I have a pointsett that still has red leaves. I’m inclined to say not that they’ve turned bright red, go ahead an let them go without the bags. Once the plant is settled in, and while it’s still warm, you could cut them back to promote a smaller or fuller plant. Yes, you could buy a plant for a few bucks and have all the red you want. Or just 14 hrs? Ro, Should I prune it, repot it, spray it with something to get rid of the white stuff? Its been 2 weeks since i moved it to larger pot. But it is not cold-hardy for Tennessee. It sounds like you did everything right. Good luck Amy. I know it’s a lot of work to work the system to turn your poinsettia leaves red by following the “book” guidelines. Many of these are fungal diseases that are caused by over watering. No direct sunlight. I am baffled! I honestly don’t know Joe if that little light is making the difference. I have my plant in a big pot also, so I got a cardboard box 16’x16″ square and about 24″ deep and turned it upside down as a “dome” over the plant. Thanks. If taking it home is the only solution, if I can return it to the office when it’s red again for Christmas then great. I’m SO impressed with myself, I’ve never managed this with a plant (except a spider plant but a toddler could grow those!). The bracts will start to turn color in about four weeks, and continue if you carefully keep up the process. The flora in question (Euphorbia pulcherrima) has green leaves, red bracts, and yellow flowers in the wild. Thank you. No air and high heat is not good for your poinsettia. They have new growth shoots approx 4 inches high shooting above the white bracts. These plants are thriving and are beautiful. At what point do we stop providing 14 hours of total darkness? I did all you said in the above notes & she was doing great,. Mrs Beatrice Petty, Urmston, Manchester . Unfortunately I had to be away for conferences and meetings 4 times and so the treatment was not consistent. A couple of years ago I was doing a Christmas job in a grocery store floral shop and, while unpacking 50 or so boxes (8 plants per box), I found one red one with white splotches. John. Ive had a happy Poinsettia since last Christmas. I never trimed it and I didn’t know you could plant it out side. I have a basement. I knew nothing about them other than that they were pretty and cheap. The plants are approx 18 inches high. Jewelle, Seriously…how can this be? Be sure to give it plenty of water if you repot it. Here is the link for the information about your poinsettia. I can’t wait to see how they make the transition inside. Ever since I went to visit a friend in an old, really old apartment building and saw a giant poinsettia tree in the lobby looking all striking and weird, I’ve wanted to have my own weirdness. Growing a Greener World Pinch out the tips to promote branching of new growth until about the middle of August. Happy Gardening! That’s your biggest risk of leaving them outdoors at night.

poinsettia leaves turning green

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