We have b Today, we're going to look at a stalwart of the EDC pocketknife world, the Kershaw Skyline. Heat Treatment:If you heat treat yourself, simply take the steel to a … ADS KITH. Kershaw Knives: Kershaw Skyline Knife, Limited Damascus, KE-1760DAM This Kershaw Skyline Knife is a Limited Edition version of the popular everyday carry that features a blade made of Damascus steel - highly prized by collectors! It was smooth and centered right down the middle with no flaws. Came very sharp. SKU: BRK-KS1760DAM Categories: Manual Folding Knives, Pocket Knives Brand: Kershaw. I cleaned the blade with alcohol, and to my unsurprised astonishment it came off. The Skyline is a classic Kershaw, but add beautiful Damascus steel and this knife is a home run! I would definitely recommend this to anyone, as long as they don't mind the flipper not fully opening the blade without also flicking your wrist. You have to give it some wrist action as others have mentioned to fully flick out, but it's not a big deal. Kershaw Skyline Blade. You won't be disappointed. I put some titinum scales on it and am about to put on some barrel spacer and a deep carry pocket clip to make it even better. I love this knife. If it weren't for the Damascus blade I would recommend a Ruike P801, same steel as the normal skyline, uses captive bearings and has a much nicer action, all for $20 less. SALE- - was $110 NOW $75 Kershaw 1760DAM Skyline Flipper Knife 3-1/8" Damascus Blade, G10 Handles As most people seem to agree, the flipper doesn't open the knife all the way without wrist action. Condition is Used. Kershaw Skyline Review. Sharp as a $2000 suit OTB. great EDC for the price. Bronze washers allow easy maintenance to keep the action smooth and respectable. The usual layering created by acid etching was also absent. Reversible stainless pocket cli Wipe away debris and, if needed, wash with a mild detergent. Still working to get the action the way I want it work. The steel is easy to put an edge on, and stays sharp for quite a while. Sign up for our newsletter to receive specials and up to date product news and releases. Need to get the carbon fiber one as well. $50.40 On sale $44.79 Temporarily Out of Stock . Blade Material = Alabama Damascus Steel. Blade is razor sharp out of the box. To protect your knife, simply wipe a light coating of oil on the blade, pivot points, and lock (if applicable) before storing. Kershaw 1760DAM Skyline, 3.1" Damascus Plain Blade, Black G-10 Handles, Kershaw 1760BW Skyline, 3.125" Sandvik 14C28N SS Blackwash Plain Blade, Black G-10 Handle, Kershaw 1760 Skyline, 3.1" Sandvik 14C28N SS Plain Blade, Black G-10 Handle, Kershaw 1776GRYDAM Link, 3.25" Damascus Plain Blade, Gray Anodized Aluminum Handle, Kershaw Blur A/O Damascus 1670BLKDAM, 3.4" Damascus Blade, Black Aluminum Handle, Kershaw Blur A/O Damascus 1670NBDAM, 3.4" Damascus Blade, Blue Aluminum Handle, Kershaw 1660DAM Leek, 3" Damascus Plain Blade, 410 SS Handle, Kershaw, 1620DAM, Ken Onion Scallion, 2.25" Damascus Plain Blade, 410 SS Handle, Kershaw Dividend A/O with Flipper KS1812OLCB, 3" CPM Composite Blade, Olive Aluminum Handle, Kershaw Chive Framelock A/O Dam KS1600DAMBK, 1.9" Damascus Plain Blade, Black 2Cr13 Stainless Handle, Kershaw/Almar Knives 2335BLK AM-3, 3.1" 8Cr13MoV Black Plain Blade, G-10/Contoured Steel Handle, CRKT 2900 Heiho™, 3.1" 8Cr14MoV Plain Blade, G-10 Handle. Disclaimer: There is a slight “lock rock”, the brass scales create a slight wiggle that can be felt when handling. Black G-10 handles with lanyard hole. Kershaw Skyline Damascus Custom. Overall, this knife is well built and very light. the ergonomics fit very well in my hands. General Dimensions and Blade Steel Due to the high-carbon content of the quality steel in our blades, the blade may corrode if not properly cared for. 1760DAM Made in USA New in Box. First ever Damascus knife. Thanks, I love this knife. Kershaw 1760DAM Damascus Skyline New in Box. r/knifeclub. Wrist action can be left for other activities, don't go there lol. KS1600DAM Kershaw Chive Damascus Steel Blade Pocket Knife. The damascus steel looks great on the knife. Would like to sell for $120 obo. Otherwise very happy with this knife. Closed Length = 4.25" Out of stock. If you want a Kershaw that screams classy then this is it. Other than that I love the design on the knife. The textured black G-10 handle measures at 4.25" when closed and offers a secure grip to the hand. Free Shipping to Lower 48 States with USPS First Class. Damascus steel drop point blade with dual thumb studs. Plus on top of everything the steel is damascus which is just beautiful. The Damascus looks beautiful and the G10 had a great feel to it, not too rough but still grippy. For $59.99 you will NOT find another USA built Damascus blade that is not fake or integrally compromised. Out of the box the knife will not even flip half way open. I put my 10 year old Kershaw away for an even better every day carry. This is one of the best Kershaws I've had. Comes with a reversible metal pocket clip (tip-up or down). I beg to differ with the people who say you cannot deploy the blade without a wrist action. Going off the last review, give this the spa treatment and Boom! By using this site, you accept our. Bought this knife for my birthday a couple weeks ago. Very smooth knife. Flipper is a lot more stiff with the titanium scales but that is probably due to my reassembly. Love the Damascus blade and the grip, action is very stiff and as of now have been unable to loosen it, opens only 1/2 way with flipper. It looks amazing with this combination. Knife Country USA is a premire retailer with the largest selection of knives anywhere. Description: Up for auction is a Kershaw "Skyline" Damascus Folding Pocket Knife - #1760DAM - Stainless Steel Drop Point Plain Straight Edge Blade - "Damascus" Finish - Dual Thumbstuds. With a good looking blade. Product description The skyline is a super slim version of the flipper knife that's ideal for pocket carrying. Kershaw 1760DAM Damascus Skyline Linerlock Knife with G-10 Handles, Black - USA. The knife opens easily with the flipper, using just the index finger of either hand and a flick of the wrist, or you can use the dual thumb studs. Kershaw Skyline Damascus. I'll be messing around with it a bunch to get it right. It's a great everyday carry. I added titanium handle scales to it and now this thing is just a beast. When you check the side to side blade play you can see the weakness on the bare side. This knife features a Damscus spear point blade with dual thumbstuds and flipper. Kershaw 7125TEALBLK Launch 12 Mini Stiletto**New for 2020**IN STOCK** Price: $89.95. I absolutely love this knife. Kershaw Skyline (1760BRNCKT) - You've got it all wrong. The handle length (and closed length) is 4.25″. I suggest using alcohol to rub it all off. steel: Damascus (Alabama Damascus) Handle: … I have found that Kershaw Damascus has incredible edge retention, and of course they come “Kershaw Sharp.” The Skyline pattern has been discontinued and is rapidly disappearing from the market. I know it is not broken in yet but I have had cheaper flippers flip better than this. Blade HQ uses cookies to provide you a better user Condition is New with Papers & Box. I immediately replaced the G10 with Flytanium Titanium scales. Fits in my hand perfectly. This is one of my favorite steel types! The other side is just g10 with no support. This is an excellent knife to start your damascus collection. Kershaw 1760DAM Skyline, 3.1" Damascus Plain Blade, Black G-10 Handles Even if you’ve never carried a knife with you every day, the Skyline just may convert you. It features a damascus steel blade and textured G-10 handles in basic black. Flip Out Over Kershaw's "Flipper" Knives. The steel liner lock secures the blade in place. Condition is New, modified with Flytanium Brass Scales and Custom Titanium Backspacer as well as Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip. Kershaw Skyline KS1760DAM – Damascus $ 99.99 $ 74.95. The knife is easily deployed with the flipper and a locking liner secures the blade in place. Simply pressing down the flipper dosen't fully open the knife but i find it fun to flick it out. Shop with confidence. ! Its at the right size too, not to big but not to small and the Damascus looks very nice. I had to get them both and combine them. Whether you want one for an EDC or you want one for a collection, this one has no imperfections I have been able to find. The action is very smooth, and I’m also including two orange 3D printed backspacers to go with it. Not only is it the right size to fill multiple needs it has also replaced my Kershaw OD-1 in my daily rotation. The textured black G-10 handle measures in at 4.25" and offers a secure grip. Man I love this knife. Overall length of the Skyline is 7.3″. It has a 3.25 in. I’m listing the knife as used, but it is in perfect condition, I don’t think it’s actually been used. It was clear the blade was a pattern welded blade since the layers were still visible. Comes with a removable pocket clip that can be reversed for tip-up or tip-down carry- … The blade is beautiful, and it fits incredibly well in my hand. For a blade as beautiful and well built as the Damascus kershaw skyline, you sure can�t beat the quality and price. Loving it so far. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. It's slim so I barely notice it in my pocket. The Skyline is a lightweight, slim, and elegant folder that embodies everything you want in an everyday carry. Have a considerable number of Kershaw knives because of the option of tip down witch is my favorite. from timestamp. Designed by Kershaw’s in-house designer Tommie Lucas, the Kershaw Skyline features a 3.1” long, 1/16” wide spear/drop point blade, with a 4.3” long handle.The overall length of the knife opened is 7.4”, and the Skyline is a mere 4.25” closed in your pocket. She was getting a little long in the tooth. What causes this is not known, but the lion’s share of Sandvik made knives BUCK – the world’s leading blade industry. I�m glad I finally have this knife. With a weight of 2.3 ounces, The Kershaw Damascus Skyline Knife is a great knife you can carry every day. I can make it effortlessly deploy with a firm push from the index finger. Your Price: $62.10 In Stock . It has a great sized blade that comes impressively sharp out of the box. This knife wasn't perfect out of the box, I had to make a few adjustments. However, after that, this knife has been perfect for my edc tasks. The knife is better than expected. I�ve had this knife for a year and love it. - Black G-10 Textured Handle with Flipper - Liner Lock - Reversible Black Pocket Clip & Lanyard Hole. Give it some pocket time and you'll be counted as a believer. Blade is a beauty and sharp outta the box! Its 3.125-inch blade is made of Alabama Damascus steel. Comes with a removable pocket clip that can be reversed for tip-up or tip-down carry so they'll be ready for your next adventure. Lightweight, great ergonomics, and ready to do work. Kershaw LINERLOCK Kershaw Skyline. Kershaw Skyline - Alabama Damascus - 1760DAM. I have the satin blade one as well and it is just as great. The Damascus blade looks great and flipping action is smooth after breaking it in. The Skyline is a classic Kershaw, but add beautiful Damascus steel and this knife is a home run! In my opinion I would have spent no more than $40 on this knife. Aside from that, you can deploy the blade easily by clicking on the flipper. It does require a bit of a wrist flick to open all the way, but once you get used to it, it isn't a big deal. I'm going to start off with saying I wouldn't have spent $70 for this knife if I would have known these cons in the beginning. The Skyline knife features a 3.2" blade made of stunning Alabama damascus steel, not some so name damascus. I've been wanting a Damascus knife with carbon fiber scales for a long time. Never carried, but does not come with original Kershaw Box. Ive had mine for a little over 3 years now and carry it everywhere I go. ADS HT & ETCH. Every knife nut I know or follow online says the Skyline is a HOFer as far as EDC is concerned. The 3.13" drop point blade has dual thumb studs and a flipper for smooth ambidextrous one hand opening. The damsacus is done by Alabama damascus and they are very nice. This is a wonderful knife. KS1600DAMBK Kershaw Damascus Chive Pocket Knife. Shopping online for the Kershaw Knives 1760DAM Skyline Drop Point Linerlock Folding Pocket Damascus Steel Drop Point Blade Knife with Black G-10 Handles? This is my first Skyline. Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description. Rating C. Not much pocket time and a lil patina on the blade but still sharp. Pro-Strider auto, Kershaw Skyline Damascus. You have to flick your wrist every time. The Kershaw Link 1776GRYDAM is a SpeedSafe Assisted knife. The Kershaw Skyline is a fantastic option for EDC, mainly due to being very lightweight (2.3 ounces), yet still providing a decently sized blade (just over 3.1″ and .09″ thick). The Kershaw Skyline is a very popular knife, and for good reason: it is slim, pocket-sized and elegant. I'll stick with Benchmades and Spydercos in the future. This knife is a Kershaw celebrity, the Skyline, with a dressed up Damascus blade that sets it apart from all others. This is probably one of the best EDC knifes you can get at a reasonable price. has multiple scales available to customize the blade. Blade HQ took the knife on return and I spoke with someone who on the phone personally picked out a replacement. Real Damascus, Real Performance, Real Beauty. KS1760BW Kershaw Skyline Linerlock Pocket Knife. Decent knife, a lot smaller in my hands then I thought it'd be. The drop-point blade has a strong tip and offers versatility when doing a variety of tasks--from opening packages to peeling fruit. experience. Blade is centered perfectly. Comes … It's definitely the best of both worlds. Black G-10 scales with a single SS liner and tip up/down reversible SS clip. Not to mention everything you need to upgrade Yours is also sold on this site. also, the G10 scales are great for opening bottle caps! There is a reason this knife is considered a classic and is still in production. Excellent knife. The Skyline knife features a 3.125" blade made of stunning Alabama Damascus steel, not some no-name damascus with questionable origins! It is a lightweight and unique steel that has good ergonomics and is truly original. I couldn't be happier. Blade HQ your awesome! I will be buying Ti scales for it due to there only being one stainless liner on the lockup side. It is actually one of Kershaw’s most popular knives, in a line of very popular choices. There's a strange protective coating they put over the blade that begins to wear off visibly after use. It's also extremely light and comfortable. Then I noticed BladeHQ has what I want in two separate Skylines. Light as a feather, damascus blade, what's not to love? Getting damascus for 65$ is awesome too. Price: $75.00. I bought this knife a few months ago and I have loved it ever since. You were the lightning in that rain. Furthermore, this knife also features a Liner lock that secures the blade in place. The Kershaw Skyline is an American-made, high-value, lightweight, EDC knife with all the features you would expect from a modern folding knife that is widely available and accessible at almost any budget. Kershaw 1760DAM Damascus Skyline New in Box. The Kershaw Skyline is so slim and lightweight that it is perfect for an every-day-carry knife. Keep up the good work. The Kershaw Damascus Skyline LinerLock Knife with G-10 Handles is a true Damascus, as according to many customers, it passed the test of being polished and having the patterns and folds still intact. Sale. I waited 6 monthsfor this knife to be in stock and When I got it it was awesome except for a small forging blemish on the top of the blade. Carried it for about 2 years now. Was skeptical of this knife when i recived it but that soon changed. This is my first Damascus blade and was super pumped to see what it looked like in person. The knife is easily deployed with the flipper and a locking liner secures the blade in place. Integral guard. If it wasn't for the Damascus I wouldn't have purchased. Love it... lightweight, built well and feels great in hand as it is certainly ergonomic. We recommend Kershaw Knife Oil. Couldn't seem to find a good point between loosening it that would actually allow easy flipping and no blade play, so for now it requires some wrist action. - Hallmarked - KAI made in USA - *Blade Stunning!! Kershaw Skyline(c) with Flytanuim scales with MXG deep pocket clip and backspacers. It's light and oh so gorgeous. Kershaw Skyline KS1760DAM. Very impressed with pattern on the blade. Added aftermarket scales to make it look very nice. Handle Material = Textured Black G10. Find great deals on eBay for kershaw skyline damascus and kershaw skyline s30v. The knife is easily deployed with the flipper and a locking liner secures the blade in place. The "Damascus" pattern usually formed by etching with Ferric Chloride or other metal etching acids looked painted on. Welcome to ADS blog!We have completed our first ADS KITH and I believe it was a … The warranty says it does not cover rust...... simple design, light in the pocket. Upon opening up the box I noticed that grinds on the edge was uneven in multiple spots. The Skyline is a super slim version of the flipper knife that's ideal for pocket carrying.

kershaw skyline damascus

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