Sometimes this may say HL - Holds waitlisted, if you have a baby travelling with you, you may also see NS code - means "No Seat" The airport code for the starting point of the flight segment. the reservation system, which was used to book your flights has obtained a seat booking confirmation from the airline. Amadeus Qatar Training Services Document control Security level Company Amadeus Qatar W.L.L Department Training Services Author Muhammad Zafar Minhas Reviewed by Date Approved by Date Version Date Change Comment By FORM OF IDENTIFICATION CODES-----50 AMADEUS AUTOMATED REFUNDS -----51 ... After you sell a flight segment that is a potential candidate for e-ticketing, an ... Amadeus Qatar Training Services 14 STATUS OF AN ELECTRONIC TICKET COUPON برنامج أماديوس segment status & special service request Flight Status Codes معرفة حلات السيجمنت وكذلك الخدمات التى يقوم الموظف بطليها للعميل وماهى الحالات التى يجب ان يتم تغيرها اليها وكيفية تغيرها… Use the PL status code for a waitlisted segment. Our central sites are in Madrid (Corporate Headquarters & Marketing), Nice (Development) and Erding (Operations). HK1 means "Holds Confirmed, 1 seat" - i.e. PK status is used for Ticketing. Flight, hotel, car, rail, meeting, dining, tour & activity details in one elegant itinerary view. For example: DO3,5. PNR Segment Status Codes Segment status codes are codes that travel providers use to send you information about your bookings and special service requests. If the range you specify includes non-air segments, the System ignores them and displays flight information for all the Air segments in the range. Passive Segment "PK" is used to insert a flight segment that has been reserved in a system other than Amadeus. Be prepared Check-in, change seats and get real time notifications of flight status and gate information. To request flight information for multiple segments, separate the segment numbers with a comma. At end of transaction the PE action code changes to HL (a standard waitlist request). You are probably asking about "Segment Status codes". Advice codes are the most commonly used status codes. If you omit the action code PE, the system automatically processes the waitlist internally. The special code ensure that seats are not sold again from the airline’s inventory, but a message is sent to the airline to verify that Note: Meals can only be requested on confirmed flight segments.Only one special meal may be requested per passenger and per segment, with the exception of BBML (infant/baby meal) and SPML (special meal).. To request a range of segments, use a dash. When a flight shows an R (request) status, the system processes the flight as NN, and returns an HN (Holding Need) status. In the PNR example above, the system generates a message to Singapore Airlines requesting a vegetarian meal, and adds the NN (need) action code to the SSR element. For example: DO3-6. At end transaction, the LL becomes HL. Include the record locator or airline sales agent identification. Check status of all work areas JD Sign-out for all work areas JO* AMADEUS INFORMATION SYSTEM Amadeus Help Page HEHELP Amadeus Information System GGAIS Airport Information (Airport Code) GGAPTYYZ DECODE/ENCODE (HE CONVERT) Encode City by Name DANHONG KONG Amadeus is the leading provider of technology solutions to the travel and tourism industry. You do not need to include flight times in a passive segment entry because the System retrieves the flight times stored in the Amadeus database. Out of Period Status: A transaction that is reported in a sales reporting period other than the PED in which it was originally issued receives a status code of "O" for Out of Period. When you enter a Passive Segment you use a special status code in a sell command.
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