Recently rescued a red and white Male with one blue eye and one black eye and cant decide on a name for him! I have a white husky I just received.. I’m looking for names. Now I have a black husky named Storm, a red husky named Fallon, and a grey husky named Tikani. Our first was a beautiful red and white with amber eyes who we named Sitka. See more ideas about animals beautiful, husky, cute animals. We didn’t know what to call him until we saw his markings and he is such a gentle soul. Do you have any other suggestions of dog names you want me to add to this list? But not everything should have a deep meaning or a strong connection with the roots or heritage. Onya We are picking up our new puppy in a month. She’s so wonderful and playful. We had a red and white Siberian husky,her name was foxy,what a beautiful,great nature dog. Furthermore, Husky names are often some of the best you’ll hear. I have huskies named little pooper, and big pooper cause of their poops, I have a red husky named Mocha and black/gray named Mika (long E), I have two huskies. We are already so in love???? one of the best female Husky names which is after the beautiful and snowy season, largely associated with these sled dogs, meaning ‘one who protects and is wise’, a great word, a cute-sounding Hebrew word that actually means ‘rebellious one’, a short and sweet English word meaning ‘well-watered meadow’, from names meaning ‘white’ in other languages, Names associated with nature are always cute, David Woods is the pet lover behind My Pet's Name, French Bulldog Names: 100+ Funtastic Ideas For Frenchies, 125 Perfect Leopard Gecko Names: Exotic & Rare Ideas, The 500 Best Military Dog Names: Strong, Cool & Powerful, Great Dane Names: The GIANT List of 300+ Names, Boston Terrier Names: 600 Ideas For Badass Terriers. Love them both. I love Siberian Huskies!!! But they might have some of these ethnic first names: The above Siberian Husky names are truly unusual. I hope we get her! These stunning pets have been popular for decades, due to their beautiful thick fur, gorgeous multi-colored eyes, and perfect personalities. Jake and Anna are both reds with brown eyes. NANUK – polar bear in Eskimo, because he is pure white Her name is Versillia, silly for short. Short names are often best, they are easy to say and your dog can understand a brief, clear order. We believe female Husky names should reflect their outer and inner beauty, so we have made a list of 120 beautiful monikers, which we think will enhance the mesmerising qualities of your canine. Here are 20 unique names for a female husky. Huskies have many beautiful qualities which make them extremely desirable pets! One dark grey blue and one light blue. The dogs will tell you what they want to be called usually in the first week so be patient. I do hope your sorrow passes quickly. Here are a few female names that would suit a Husky perfectly. I like Diablo and Bandit too though! meaning ‘one who protects and is wise’, a great word for an intelligent Siberian Husky who protects your family. Ghost Genesis: Meaning beginning or origin, good for a rescue that’s starting a new life with you. Huskies are known for their intelligent, playful and sociable nature, and female Huskies are no exception. My former’s name was Yuuna. We will be bringing home a male Husky in April. Our huskies were named: Theyve just had 6 pups all black and white, the 4 girls named athena,artemis,fenrir & mishka. First one I name what I would have named my daughter – Morgan, and my second I heard an Hawaiian name and it stuck so I called her Akahna. What’s better than an exotic name that also reflects their origins? Or maybe it is the complete opposite and he is into everything he can find, running like a turbo engine. This was the construction of a camp to test construction techniques in Arctic conditions. We recently lost our 12 year old Husky, her name was Mitsu. Or for the White one. He delivered a vital serum to the town of Nome in Alaska that was suffering from a Diphtheria outbreak. We have plenty more. If even friends and family want to visit have alcohol/water spray for the bottom of shoes and use the same on hands. You might want to look into the meaning of certain names for inspiration. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? Ellaria Plus, they’re a conversation starter! I have a A List of the Most Popular Eskimo Husky Names and their Meanings. For example, ‘Alexia’ sounds and looks adorable, but its meaning is ‘defender of man’, therefore it is perfect for a cute girl puppy who packs a punch and is strong enough to protect and defend you! Both blk/wht. The father, Molokai is red and white and is papered. Skylar The Husky dog names on the following list can work for either gender depending on your personal preference. The love of my life was named ShyAnne. Try finding your favorites and add these prefixes to see if it works! Gypsy: A wanderer at heart, for the independent pooch with a mind of its own. Did your Huskys listen and obey when you told them to or are they mischiefu and unconcontrolable? ❤️ But huskies are very feisty, hyperactive, & require dog aggression training experience. We’ve split the rest of our Husky names into categories. And they’re good with children. Healthiest Dog Breeds: Which Dog Is Right For You? These will, again, depend on personal preference, as everyone admires different people, or watches different shows! My husky is named Touche ‘….she always gets the last word in! Also an awesome breed , I have a Husky girl we named her Gracie it Grace for short and she’s super energetic and fun and I really like the meaning of this name. a short and sweet English word meaning ‘well-watered meadow’. Siberian Huskies were bred as working dogs. They both passed away at 15 years old. You can use their name to tell your friends and family all about your dog’s history. All the names are places in Alaska. Female: Denali Remember, be creative, look around you, and you’ll find the perfect name that’s just right for your dog. HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL Lusa: a all black husky with brilliant green eyes. We had many adventures together. And even if the breeder says they’ve had thier first shots get a copy of vet records and start your own series right away. As well as writing, David has helped over 50,000 people choose the best name for their pet. If we had a male Husky we would name him Nitro. Don’t worry if you haven’t quite found that perfect one yet. And the 2 boys names ate thor & zeus. Words that describe color provide a multitude of ideas that could be a perfect fit for your new family member. I usually look at city names, in the state or country, from the dogs origin. Willow: A light brown and white husky with icy blue eyes. Loved that name. These exotic Alaskan names for a husky dog are best of any gender. We have a list of 86 names. Male, bi-eyed, black/white/grey – Fairbanks (duh)(rescued at 3y.o.) Did they say it was Parvo? I love my huskies! Yumi: Bow&Arrow or Beautiful Our new little guy is black and white and we are thinking of naming him Samson or Maverick. Go Huskies, If we had a male Husky we would name have Nitro that was the name of our late Doberman go Huskies. My boys name is kato 100 Names for Your Black Pup — Inspired by Pop Culture, Food & More – SheKnows She died only a month ago, on May 2nd of this year, 2 weeks after being diagnosed with heart failure. You can even name your Husky after someone that is well known for the same energy and life that you can expect from your pet. She would be a lot easier to name if she was a boy :P Anyways, thanks for help in advanced! Required fields are marked *. Silver sounds more husky like than Shadow. We lost our wonderful Makana (gift in Hawaiian, where he was born) last September. Here are some Husky names male dogs will love: Let us know in the comments section below if you can think of any other famous inspiration for a new Husky’s name male dogs will suit! It’s very often Parvo and sadly takes these babies die quickly and few recover despite treatment. You're bound to find the perfect name for your new black dog: We have 100 to choose from. DogAppy solves your predicament by providing you with a list of black and white dog names. By now you probably have a whole long list of possible names. Normal word. Which mean Prince in Japanese, I have 3 Siberian huskies. Female Huskies are no different than their male counterparts and make majestic and wonderful pets. Contessa She was white gray back w/ Black tips gray mask.A Real Sweetheart. Although it was said it came from “Camarra”, as we did not like the full version, we decided to call her “Kama” shortened from “Kamchatka”, all the more that there is the Kama river in Russia… well, a tributary of Volga, so maybe not exactly in Siberia, so maybe claiming the word root being “Kamchatka” is better, isn’t it? I’m making her Venus(the goddess of beauty and love) but I need a middle name someone please help me. Raelyn I’ve been considering getting another Husky. Sheba: a grey and white husky with grey-blue eyes. (2015) History of huskies and their origin. I’m writing an English These take your Husky right back to its roots. I have a female husky which is brown and white called Nala, and a pure white male husky called Loki. Tried everything to make her well. One that reflects their friendly nature and those expressive eyes. I don’t own a husky but have a old husky character, a brown female named Kapik (Coffee in Inuit) which I find really cute. a bold and powerful choice meaning ‘an Italian countess’, the perfect option for the most regal of girl Huskies! Frankie: A great Husky name if you’re a fan of Frank Sinatra. Although we will only list a few below. Dakota We lost our boy Zeke on May 26, he was black and White. I am getting my first husky Sunday. I have a 5 month old Red Husky, that now has light red and apricot colors on her head and neck, white face, chest and belly, and tan back and tail. Here are a few examples: Siberian Husky Names A BIG boy, we named him Apollo. Her name was Nikita. I had a husky malamute growing up. Nikko xxx, Just picked our 8 week old husky last night. Again, we’ll start with the Russian-inspired Siberian Husky dog names for females. Use our tips below and keep researching options for female Husky names! FULL of energy a total love. We were gonna raise it together. Then, move onto wolf-inspired and finish off with winter-centric ideas. Sure enough she went to the store & got the **BREAD**!!! Some Japanese names are Chaos And if you love the Husky breed, you’re going to love our guide to the miniature Husky! Sakura (My Husky’s name) which means Cherry Blossom The Alfa male is called snnej (my parnerts name spelled backwards) out female is call Nala (lion king) and their son is call Cheif because he was the runt of the litter and decided to keep him. If you are still struggling make sure you ask friends and family for help, as you never know who might have some great ideas to aid you in finding that special one. Mine is called Thunder! My spoiled female came to us with name (from the breeder) “Kama”. Names for big dogs. Mukluk is a famous Husky mascot who was part of Project Iceworm in 1960. Check the complete list of female husky dog names and male husky dog names. Freckles: You know there under that fur somewhere. We are about to foster another girl called Anna and she is 1 year old. I love the name diesel!! We have a Siberian Husky male named Eli after the movie ‘The book of Eli’ he has a cross on his head. Best of luck, We have a black and white female Husky with blue eyes, her name is Luna. I know ur pain too well, I miss my SiberianHusky more than words could ever say. Malachi Shhhhh we dont want the dog to learn. One of the most striking things about the Siberian Husky is their beautiful white fur. She became ill suddenly & unexpectedly. Aspecially for a husky. Oct 20, 2017 - These Siberian Husky names were chosen to reflect the beauty of this breed. The team sent to do this brought along Mukluk as an unofficial mascot. Our niece also has two female huskies, one named Ezme (from Twilight) Hope you will like the list for sure. These loyal and loving canines make brilliant pets, and deserve beautiful female Husky names to enhance their stunning fur. Huskies with brown fur can range from light sandy browns to deep rich browns. I think Gizmo would suit a Husky very well , I love the name oakley
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